My Day

the weather is gray with chance of rain

Breakfast: four white donuts; 2 cups of black coffee

Daughter called. She was 50 on May 23 and we had been playing phone tag

Had 2nd cup of coffee on neighbors front porch

Spoke with Chris about deck and tinting front storm windows to cut down the terrific problem of too much sun in the afternoon streaming in the 17 feet of windows in living room

Called lawn care service re cutting lawn. He changed prices from what he said on Friday to today 

Went to Staples to purchase ink for copier, printer, scanner, etc. while I was getting older, ink dries faster and cost more

On to Subway for a foot long heart healthy sandwich which will last a couple of meals. I do not cook. I doctored the 1/4 of the sandwich with sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, almond silvers. Had a bit of tomato basil soup and a chocolate Boost to balance out lunch!

Stopped on my street to talk to the lawn care company working at the McMansion yard

Now, I will read.

Two items worthy of mention: fired two teenage grass cutters

Called the eye surgeon about not disclosing that the drops I use at night turns your eyes from blue to brown. The only thing I liked about my face were my bluest of blue eyes. Now they are gray. This and other adverse reactions I am having to these eye drops for open angular glaucoma are not pleasant at all: now having asthmatic bronchitis rather than just bronchitis. I could go on but most things are reversible when stopping the drops except the eye color….really a bummer….must accept the situation. I am only upset that this was not explained to me at the beginning; I was not given the right to choose. When will doctors learn they are not God?

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