I Killed My Friend Today

today I killed my friend

when I moved here

a beautiful magnolia tree

lived here

Laddie loved to lie

under this magnificent giant

owls came

at night

squirrels played

alll around

your huge limbs

birds sang their songs


within your leaves

today I hugged you

patted the scars

and said

i am so sorry that you have to die today

i cried

this great tree had to die

mold can be deadly

allergies are my constant companion

the termite inspection

revealed I had one small puddle of water

under the house

I need to watch for mold

the sides and under my tree

never completely dried

this friend was reaching out

for the house

laddie’s ashes

swirled with

sawdust and pollen

my heart dropped

as I heard

the thud

that said

“it is over”

my soul

rose with

the soul

of the tree

Laddie joined us

we traveled awhile

together as one

i returned

laddie would


our friend

to the

In between until

i came

thank you

my great tree

for your shade

your beautiful

cream blooms

your dark shiny leaves

thank you

i am so sorry you

had to die today

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