Word Press: Pressing, Squeezing, Tweaking your Words and Website

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Dear Mr. President

Do you know why I am reading posts from way back in 2014 in the Reader???

This is way stupid looking to the bloggers you follow.

You make yourself, your web site, look feeble and less than.

You changed how you input your posts, disconcerting. You remove the widget for images based on what you wrote. Since I started with you the changes have been overwhelming.

I do not like you anymore; I like the community of bloggers I follow. I liked the post a day for the first year but then so many people started their own “whatever” a day, a week, a month.

You thought we were stupid, therefore giving us a “Daily Prompts” as if we were not creative enough to have a thought in our head.

I would rather read what my fellow blogger had to eat for breakfast than to read what the Daily Prompt…

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6 thoughts on “Word Press: Pressing, Squeezing, Tweaking your Words and Website

    1. Rebekah, thank you for your tip. Can you tell me why your blog does not show up in the Reader? Neither do I get an email notification. I have checked to see that I have the the correct boxes checked. Are you Colder Weather now?


  1. I know, Linda. I do not like the new stats page at all. It’s set up for mobile devices, and I use my laptop for the blog. I’ve been to the WordPress help-forum many times. They have told me that they will continue to tweak and change things because they think it suits better with technology changes. I’ve never understood why companies constantly feel they have to fix things that aren’t broken. Unfortunately, I need my blog for if my novel ever comes out (still waiting to hear from 2 publishers). Thanks for not giving up on my posts.


  2. Good luck on the book. My church book is in the final stages before going to the publisher. I just do the best I can with WP. I hate the always singing in feature as well. No matter how many times I click the remember button, it does no


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