Accomplishing the Impossible

 “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

― St. Francis of Assisi

Last June, I started a project. To write a History of the Church where I grew up on Route 2. I do not think that I even thought I would ever get this project finished.
Slowly but surely, I moved from reading one tome to another and another. What would you like to know about Methodism?
Reporting that 13 chapters are at the publishing company; working on sizing photos and memories from others. My part of this book is almost over….therefore, the quote  represents what life, for the past year, has been for me. I was determined, yet everything went so very slowly.
My knowledge was so very inefficient when I started.
A brief background note: my great-great grandfather; my great-grandfather, my grandfather, and my brother where all ministers at this church and our story is that my great great grandfather along with another person donated the land for that “Little Church in the Woods.”
There are several conflicting histories. What is true? The book that I am finishing up includes only the facts I found from other sources. We may never know what was real or which church denomination we belonged to at different times. There were three; Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Methodist Protestant and Congregational Methodist.
I believe that we all have our own truth; perhaps passed down from our ancestors; they may not be true at all. Therefore, look at the recorded facts by others and forgive your ancestors for passing down inaccuracies, if that is the case.


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