Theories of the Universe; Snow on Thursday; Broken

Bible Study was at 10 and a winter weather advisory had rolled in. Go? Not go?

I had to go so I could explain why I would not be back. Therefore, off down the road.

I sat through the class getting more agitated as time went on. The room was full. I do not like people that much to be in such close proximity to strange people talking about strange doctrines.

Asking one question brought out the “Really? You are that stupid?” I wanted to know why they talked about their missions to foreign countries when there was Detroit, much like a foreign country, Mississippi Delta having so many poor, who needed help. After some long explanation by the pastor of helping the entire world as directed by God, I said I thought that God would want us to take care of our own people first. This was not received with tolerance, in my opinion. Also, there is absolutely no way to help the entire world. Help is received, in my humble opinion, one person at a time….one on one.

I spoke with the pastor afterwards to let him know that I would not be back. It was not the sort of class that I thought I needed and that I did not believe in one God. I wish I had had the time to explain to him my theory.

You see I think there was a Big Bang and behind that Big Bang was a Higher Power who, being bored one Thursday night decided to take some sparklers and fling them into the dark creating all the many stars; after that there were balls of fire thrown up, up and away to create a sun and smaller balls of fire for the moon and other planets. This Higher Power left some black holes to give future scientist things to study and for his/her own entertainment. Then lastly, being lonely, he created humans and the earth. This would be amusement enough for billions or trillions of years. He had  many holy men write many different versions of many religions; all the Gods believed the same thing, however, the words were different and this confused some of the other Gods. Fights broke out; Christians killed Jews; Catholics killed Christians; misguided Muslims killed everybody who broke their law and so it goes.

I stated I did not belong to this world or even fit into this world and certainly would not be tolerated in this church in my opinion.

He said he would pray for me and I agreed that would be o.k. but that I did not want just anyone to pray for me. They might be praying for evil to happen to me but I thought perhaps he would not pray for that.

By now you can call my beliefs crazy. I have others; I am not broken.

When you die you move up to a higher level of intelligence and if you have learned your lessons here on earth, then you do not have to come back again. There is more but only if you want to hear what I have to say on this matter. I believe the Hindu’s believe this theory.

My hope is that I have passed through this life here on earth for the last time. It is not the world I would have wished for and some days I feel as if there is nothing I can do to help in any manner. Between the media and the politicians, all seems lost.

Raggs would agree. However, she is also gone over her Rainbow Bridge.

Raggs would agree. However, she is also gone over her Rainbow Bridge.


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