Last Sunday I went to church.  People were friendly. The music was good. The sermon…well I do not know, having gone somewhere else in my head. When it came time for the liturgy before communion, I found myself looking for the kneelers which Methodist churches do not have but Catholics do. This was disconcerting.

On Wednesday, I went to the Balance Class. The ladies are very nice and no spiritual conversations are held.

On Thursday I went to orientation to Bible Study. The minister appears to be down to earth. Only time will tell. Afterwards I went to some kind of luncheon of soup and salad called Evergreen. I never did quite understand what they were trying to start. The corn bread was delicious as was the apple cider vinegar.

Today I thought I would try a Sunday School Class since nothing else had really seemed to beckon me to follow this church or teachings. This was truly a disaster.

First of all they seem to have their own seats so I did not know where I was to sit. Finally, I sat, knocked over the leader’s coffee, sat my purse down on the wet coffee; picked it up and put it in my lap on my white corduroy pants leaving a bluish/black mark. I read my lines of scripture at the appropriate time (meaning going around the room reading one verse at a time, responding to my line when it came my time).

Finally, during one of the discussions, I had held my thoughts to myself but when they were talking about the One God being Jesus, I opened my mouth and asked about this stating that Buddhism was much older than Christianity and that the writings had a lot in common as if the Bible had drawn from their analogies. This caused rather a commotion in some and amusement, I think, in others. The lady next to me, a former Pentecostal and Baptist, stated there was but one God, Jesus, and had I ever read any of the other books. I took the bait and said “If I had not would I be talking about same? Of Course, I have read “the others”. A couple of the men understood, I think, what I was asking; the women, only one.

It seems the more traveled or those who were in the military or had worked out in the real world where interaction with all cultures was necessary, understood. One lady made mention that there were 100 different versions of the Bible so which was right; another mentioned the killings in Paris and how part of Islam  was not like the ones who did the killings. I mentioned that in the beginning of Christianity there was a lot of blood letting; no one wanted to hear how Christians had been involved in murder and mayhem. Do they not read?

Why did I bring up  “One God”? It goes to the heart of the matter of tolerance in this world of terror and fear. Can we not show tolerance to those who do not believe as we believe? This does not mean I believe in murder and mayhem; just tolerance of differences so that the world may become more sane and not such a scary place to live.

One thing I know for sure. One must be ready to die at any moment because there may be no more.


(Peace, Honor, Respect to all)

13 thoughts on “Namaste’

  1. Well, Miss Linda, this is why I cannot attend a traditional/orthodox Christian church. Boy, could I ever go on about my feelings here. If I join a church, that means, at the very least, I have to tolerate their “only way” ideology and just let it go when they preach it. They use so many other dogmas that I feel drag the spirit down, but I won’t go into it all in a comment. Would love to talk to you some time though. Anywayyy, there is a church I joined years ago that you might like. They do not believe in only “one way” and read from many philosophies in addition to the Bible. The only concern I would warn you of is that they are so progressive that they are politically liberal and might preach liberal ideology for the government as well. It’s why I eventually left. Sigh.


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  2. Thank you, Lori, for weighing in both times. I find I cannot go for the same reasons you speak of here; nor could I go where Liberal Government is touted! I am ultra Conservative.
    We will have to talk sometime.


  3. I want to comment but not sure what to say. I left the church for many of the reasons you brought up in this wonderful post. Not sure I can add anything of value to what you have already stated. While I do not hold your political views, I certainly understand you point of view. For many reasons though, I left the conservative stance years ago. On some issues I lean very much toward liberalism, on other issues, not so much. I simply have problems in all areas of life where one way, and one way only, is ascribed as “THE” way. Thank you for posting such a thoughtful piece.

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    • Cecelia, I appreciate your comments and would like to add that I have some liberal views when it comes to women and choices, LGBT’s and all they have endured through the ages; end of life choices, etc. It is the current administration and all the closed minded cronies surrounding him that makes me so conservative in many areas.

      The church is such a separate issue for me. It starts back with my great great grandfather who helped to organize the Methodist Church in Mississippi. He was an M.D. and a minister; then my great grandfather followed by his son, my grandfather followed by my brother….all Methodist.

      I left that church (now writing a history of same) that I had so many issues with. Converting to Catholicism when I married, I found myself at odds with the fact that they said the Pope, as Head of the Church, made no mistakes in matters of doctrine. I took issue with this because the Pope is only a man and can make mistakes in any area. I was asked not to teach catechism because of dwelling on Eastern religions to much for their liking, so I have ended up with my own beliefs.

      After today, I know, without a doubt, I do not need a church to know there is a higher power who looks after me and all my shortcomings.

      For your wonderful words, thank you. In my opinion there is no ONE way. Many paths lead to our ever after, wherever we believe it to be.


  4. Very interesting post and comments too. I do believe in G-d. That doesn’t mean that I think all the others are ‘wrong’. I don’t believe there’s any right of wrong here … sooner or later we’ll all find out [or not].

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  5. Not sure I can add anything to the conversation but wanted to do more than click on the Like button because I think this is a wonderful post. Maybe someday it will be a more sane, less scary world. I hope so.

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