Bits of my ordinary world

Wonder if I can start a new habit or tradition…going to church on Sunday. Growing up on Route 2, every Sunday Mother would make sure we were in Sunday School and church, as was she. Later I played the piano whenever the doors of the church was open for business. Is this a part of me that is missing now and would this bring a reconnection to my past? I do not know.

I have surprisingly kept up with the practice of the piano and the leg exercises to keep my knees in good condition.

I reminded myself of things I needed to do this year…not resolutions:

1. Smile more

2. Accept what I cannot change

3. Keep quiet; listen more (even though I see few people)

Learn/Relearn how to play the piano; Learn/Relearn Ballroom dancing; walk more when the knees allow; watch what I eat meaning not to eat mindlessly in front of the T.V.Ā  and write every day whether it is on this blog or somewhere else, i.e. documents.

Those were my thoughts on New Year’s Day which I spent totally alone but not lonely. I always speak with my sister at the end of the day and I did speak with one child; the other I had spoken with on Christmas Day.

I am not sure I am a church person; I believe in many things but could never settle on one doctrine. I do not think it takes a church to make one spiritual; however, perhaps it is the social interaction one finds at the building called church.

Do I need this social interaction? I truly do not know. The only way to find out is to go and see. It is very cold and raw, however, I am dressed and ready to depart in time for the 10:30 service. Perhaps a follow up would be called for here.

What an ordinary life I lead. Perhaps the world is made up of ordinary rather than extra ordinary folk. I think it is cool to be ordinary…if cool is still an acceptable word.

Do any of you have any thoughts on this activity?



10 thoughts on “Bits of my ordinary world

  1. Hey Linda. You asked if I had thoughts, and you may be sorry you did. I think about this quite often. I miss church, but not their orthodox ways. I’m just like you. I don’t believe in their doctrine. I’ve done my own spiritual seeking and found there are few rules that a Higher Intelligence puts in place, in fact, only one, but the church has many (was raised Catholic). I did find a church at one time that didn’t have a doctrine and actually had the same understanding of God as me. I loved it there. Went for about ten years, then their radical liberal ideas bled out into politics. I tried to tolerate it, but it eventually got to me, so I stopped going. Like I said, I miss the community of church and the spiritual vitamins it pumped me with every week, but I can’t find one that will give me the vitamins I need anymore. I hope you find one that suits you.
    P.S. I wrote a short story about this and had considered posting it, but it’s a bit more personal than what I am willing to share publicly.

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    • As a Catholic, I was not welcome or excommunicated about three times:
      1. When I taught Eastern Religion to my catechism class
      2. When I was divorced;(really I could not go back but did years later)
      3. When I was the Administrator of an Abortion Clinic (was not going to Mass anyway; the protestors were all there, however, being holier than thou).

      I tried other churches. No one wanted me. I do not know why I kept trying. Perhaps of my upbringing, I felt I was “suppose” to go every Sunday. I do not feel that way anymore. My best Sundays are spent in quiet and meditation. I do not need the faulty doctrine.

      The experience was not bad for a Methodist church. Of Course, no one knew my background and I did know a few people there from my Balance and Tai Chi classes so it turned out an o.k. experience, however, I never heard a word the pastor said. I was millions of miles away in my head.

      Thanks for weighing in. I appreciate the feedback.


  2. A feeling of “community” with like-minded believers is the icing on the cake. Our church has small groups that meet weekly or twice a month, which provides the opportunity to get to know and support each other through the trials of life.

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    • Rather than church, as such, I think this is what I am looking to find. A community of like minded people I can get to know and to share my trials as they arise. At present, I do not think I have a good support group, except on WP šŸ™‚

      Thank you for your comment. It helped to clarify my intentions.

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  3. Good that you didn’t feel lonely. I never did either.

    I went to church a few times since I came here, but it’s not a habit I plan to pick up. It *is* a nice feeling, to belong to something, but my faith doesn’t require a church these days šŸ™‚
    Where I was brought up, would correspond to Episcopalian …

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    • My faith does not require a church, building, either. I often find those who have plastic persona’s which disturb me at many levels. I am/was Catholic. I think maybe Pattisj hit on what I may be looking for which is a community of like minded people and even though I have looked at Universities and other academic places, what I am looking for is not there. I would like someone to talk with, if I felt like it, and get instant feedback whether I accept the suggestion or not. My best support group is here on WP. I found that out by leaving and coming back. The loyal few are coming back and I think that is great. I know you are all real and you should know that without you I would not have a community.
      I think that is why I am looking for a similar group here is Huntsville, whether it is at a church or a Community Center. Then I can share with you all and you can give me feedback because I have known you all longer. I think I am trying to create a meditation, intelligent group of folk who can talk about anything.

      Thank you for your comment. It helped.

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    • Hi Bonnie,

      God, I am the worst volunteer ever. My sister is the perfect volunteer. I always get in trouble by week two. The last time I was accused of “throwing them all under the bus”. I left and gave up on volunteering. Then I tried to be a volunteer researcher. I am a very good researcher…maybe too good. After I completed some extremely good research I was told the project was over which I knew was a falsehood….nah, just plain lie.

      No more freebies for humanoids! Maybe animals, if I can ever get past the gatekeepers!

      Good idea for most people. There is just something about me. Perhaps I am too arrogant but try not to be. I know what I know and if it turns out to be right and saves time and money, why do they hate me?

      I have no answers to others, like me, with Ph.D.’s and know only their little area. Mine is much broader which puts me in a unique position which mainly just intimidates people. Sometimes, I think all that education just made me useless to the human race.

      Thank you for your comment. I do hope you do not find this an asinine reply.

      You are my community. I found that out by leaving and coming back. However, I would like a community who cares here as well. I could relegate you all with stories!


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