Before Christmas there is Thanksgiving

This year I spent Thanksgiving in Mississippi with my sister and her husband. I had been informed that we would eat Thanksgiving Dinner at Cracker Barrel. They, my sister and her husband, love Cracker Barrel. I am not a fan, as such, but I was their guest, so Cracker Barrel it was.

Thanksgiving morning arrived and I thought we should leave early. Cracker Barrel always seems to be crowded but my brother-in-law, a WWII vet and turning 88 on November 23, said we would leave at 11:30, so that was that. You just do not cross a marine.

We arrived to find that not only was the parking lot full but also the bank’s next door and several other businesses. The crowd was enjoying the warm sunny day chatting with each other with the line wrapping all around the building.

My brother-in-law said: “I am not going to stand in that line for 2 hours to eat. We are going somewhere else.”

I said: “That is a good idea. I saw a Waffle House open a little ways back and I love Waffle House.”

My sister chimed in and said: “I do, too.”

My brother-in-law agreed so off we went to the Waffle House. We had a delicious breakfast. Only two other people were present, therefore, the service was excellent!

We had turnip greens and corn bread for dinner (well dinner to me and supper to them).

A good time was had by all on Thanksgiving………….remember that old saying?

On Sunday, however, we went back to the Cracker Barrel and had Sunday lunch/dinner, whatever you call the meal in the middle of the day.

I thought Waffle House was better.

I made photos of other places with my new iPhone 6+, however, it has not yet been synced with this p.c.



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