A Gathering with a lot of unknown people

This has been an eventful week. I attended a gathering of family and friends of residents at The Country Cottage. This was on Tuesday. I received the email for the daughter but failed to read same. Therefore, I arrived with a gift and not food. My friend was as confused as I, however, the staff was nice and said it was o.k. that I did not bring any food and to give the gift to my friend, since she liked what I brought. It was all rather embarrassing. I have lovely photos and will try to sync my phone to this p.c. so I can show them or use the iPad to share the photos.

On this Tuesday, my Tai Chi Teacher and friend died, however, I did not hear about it until the next night.

Wednesday I had Christmas at school with my little 5th grade students. I did not try to keep them quiet; they could do whatever they wanted to do, within reason.

They smashed their Hershey’s cherry kisses cause they were soft. We left the room rather sticky! I never take photos of them…I think it is a privacy issue for me. They are not my children and I do not have permission to show their photos.

Ann called to let me know that Bob died. I had said to her approximately 2 months ago that he would not “make” it. She said: “I hope you are wrong.”

I said: “I hope so, too. However, this seeing of me has never failed.” I wish I had been wrong.”

Today I had a non-Christmas party for a few neighbors and friends or just friends who happen to be neighbors, however four had to drive to get here. This event deserves a blog post of it’s own with photos. Therefore, it will have to wait.

And, lastly, as I go off to bed to go to sleep or not, tomorrow I say God Speed to a friend.

Funny, I did not talk with my sister much last night. She had to make 24 numbers. That, too, could be a story, if I decide to tell it.

Hope your week was filled with “things”; things of joy and things of sorrow. It takes both to learn the lessons of life. I do not hope that you had a death…just maybe a little sorrow to even out, to make the joy more joyful.


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