Would We Want To Be Perfect?

What would we all do if we were all perfect in a perfect world?

Do we all then look alike?

there would be no need then except for one hairdresser;

one clothing store

no need for architects

cookie cuter houses

same landscapes

same cars

all perfect.

one religion

one political party

all perfect.

no murders

no drug addicts

no need for counselors

or attorneys

we are all perfect!

What a boring world that would be if we did not have the misfits, the outliers, the prisons, the crooked politicians, the shame that we were born into a none perfect family, world. Not to have a choice even when we make bad choices; not to be confused and lonely at times…shaping us into better selves of the unself.

We talk of ego…then we must talk of id, the child in all of us. However it is the superego that pushes us to dream of reaching our fullest potential; to become selfactualized. We are so sure we must improve; what if there were no need to be anything but what we are at the one moment we know we have to live…the moment we are in…the next is not a given.


We are born with that “crack” , that imperfection so that life would have meaning and choices. Our minds grow from using the brain cells, by creating, and by wondering what comes next and what is right for us.

Are we all broken? Yes, to some extent. Can we  “fix” it? Not to  perfection because we need that crack to peer through to the next great opportunity to make different choices and different worlds.

8 thoughts on “Would We Want To Be Perfect?

  1. Love this, Linda. I’ve resigned to the fact that we come here to experience opposites. If we don’t know sad, how do we know happy? If we (our souls) were living as One in perfect bliss (before birth), how could we ever know it was perfect bliss without coming here to experience, pain, sadness and imperfection? Now, when we go Home, we can appreciate the Bliss and know Its significance. Getting a bit deep, but I do so love what you wrote here. Thanks.

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  2. I like the thought of living in an imperfect perfect world! And to be able to, at times, experience every bit of it that imperfect perfection without trying to shield ourselves. Gosh, girl, you’re on a roll!

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