Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.

― Henry Ward Beecher

2 thoughts on “quote

  1. Have been thinking about this one, Linda. I like the idea of holding aspirations beyond what people might expect. But thinking about excusing and forgiving and allowing myself to make mistakes a trillion times. Not being so hard on myself. What do you think of this quote?


  2. Holding myself to a higher standard is buried in the very long ago past. I had a bilateral lisp with a tongue thrust and my classmates made fun of me. As you may recall ( or not) one male said to me as we awaited the announcement of valedictorian, I was asked what I planned to do and I replied “I will be a teacher. he replied, laughing, “you cannot be a teacher because you cannot even talk plain.” Not only was I a teacher but spoke many times at conferences, on t.v., radio and was a german spy in the Army Training films…of course, by this time I had gone through speech therapy for awhile, quitting when it came to the rubber band and trying to hold it on the end of my tongue and speak at the same time. Enough became enough.
    I could never excuse myself if I made poor grades or poor choices. I hold myself responsible when things turn out not as expected knowing the universe gave me great gifts, therefore I hold myself, even now to the highest standards. Being mostly reclusive, it is less difficult 🙂
    Not liking people, preferring my own company, I can think; now to just get away from this large city to a more isolated location perhaps I can wander the back roads and become that carefree child again before I ever went to first grade! Degrees later, I am less educated than I was at five.
    I do not how else to explain this quote from my perspective.


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