55 years later

Purchasing a bathing suit when one cannot even get a hand in the cute ones, is like hunting for the lost ark. One looks in dark corners and underneath shelves searching for that one. You know the one that makes you look less like an elephant and more like a plump little hippo.

brought one home yesterday but lo the cleavage rather fell out; not very sexy, just kinda hanging out there

brought it back and said to the customer service guy whom I knew ” showed too much cleavage.”

he said, “nothing wrong with that.”

i gave him the evil eye and he gave me the refund

the search was on again…this time I found one with those leopard spots and kinda flowing in front

better, I thought and paid a really big price for those spots

home again to try on same…did not look lean and long like the leopard

just more like a spotted cow, just a degree better than the hippo

a keeper, I thought

i should show you the one from 55 years ago

but then I would be envious of me

i might mourn the loss of what was

and would never be again


all this for 

water aerobics!

13 thoughts on “55 years later

  1. Good for you to do water aerobics! You’ve got the suit, that’s the hardest part of the whole exercise. Lands’ End (online and in some Sears stores) has modestly cut suits. Some are a bit pricey, but they’ve always been excellent quality and true to size on their fit chart.

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  2. OMG, you read my mind from when I went bathing suit shopping. LOL This is so funny. My bff and I were just texting about how we don’t fit into any of our clothes anymore. It’s true what they say, aging is not for sissy’s. Enjoy those water aerobics.

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    • Keep yourself thin as best you can…a little weight is needed as we grow older…however, I hurt my knee; sat to long inactive and the results are not pretty; knee now needs weight off…sigh!


    • It seemed that it was meant for us to met over at the polka dot check out counter! Thanks for coming over and reading. You were so funny, at such a younger age on this phenomena of bathing suit buying!


  3. I have been on the hunt for a good bathing suit, too. One I can wear to the beach without showing too much of what I really don’t want to show at this point in my life. One that won’t fall down when a wave hits me. One that won’t make me look, well, like a spotted cow or a very wide garden. I’m not sure it exists?


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