Wrong Rug Anyone?

A couple of weeks ago, I sent my white, wool, hand-knotted rug out to be cleaned. A Chad picked it up and said he would personally bring it back.

No Chad call as yet.

Today a Charles and helper brought back a rug that was due to be returned last Monday and then this Tuesday; would you believe Wednesday but it was pouring rain where they were and they could not deliver my rug in the rain even though it did not rain a drop here yesterday.

We agreed on 8 a.m. this morning. Would you believe that they would be on time since to date nothing has been on time?

Finally, they arrived; pad was placed down on floor and they proceeded to bring in an ugly red rug. I said:

That is not my rug.

He said:

But it has a “B” on it.

I said:

I do not care what it says on the rug. My rug is white and hand-knotted. This is a really ugly red rug which I would not ever even look at to purchase.

He said:

Let me call Jessie.

I said:

Take the rug back to the truck. Do not put it down in my house.

Twenty minutes later.

He said:

We are not quite sure where your rug is but we will find it.

I said:

And the white runner, hand-knotted as well that also should be coming back.

He turns to his helpers and explains what hand-knotted means.

I said:

When will I get my rug. I am leaving tomorrow.

He said:

Call when you get back. We will have located it by then and Chad will return it to you.

He did not ask when I would return. I might just be going to Tennessee to buy a lottery ticket.

I suppose I need to go and price my rug because I have a feeling they are going to have to pay for a lost rug.

What do you think, if anything. I have never used this company before; nor will I ever use them again. I had no experience with them but I trusted them to clean and return my rug.

I did remember my manners and thank them for trying.


9 thoughts on “Wrong Rug Anyone?

    • Me, too. Thanks for wishing this as well, even though my floors are pretty without the rug the long room going on through the kitchen to the back door looks like a bowling alley.


    • Oh, I think they will find it….when I said that by the time I get back the rug will enter be found or they just bought themselves a $500 rug! Of course I wonder who is enjoying the use of my pretty white rug, if they gave it to someone else.


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