Remembered Fragments


This dream is really a fragment of a much larger dream, however, I remember waking up to Laddie drinking water and I half scribbled it down thinking I would recall the rest when I woke. Nope…but it is prophetic and has come true in my lifetime…12 years later.

Library full of books and windows

Who was I to work here

I had 4 or 5 big books

Pretty woman with white blouse, blue jean skirt leaning on check out counter for books

Now I was walking toward her but there was this thin pink cord about to head above all

I did not want to get it tangled up in the people


Laddie drinking water

Back to sleep to somewhere examining dish

white with black spots

later turned into 3 prong pitch fork

a hand holding dish

kind of like daddy’s


sketched  (and I do not sketch) which I am going to scan in so you can see and then tell you what I think all of this means.

Dream Fragment 1In 2012, I volunteered to help with a research project on the German Rocket Scientist who came to Huntsville. I knew I had only worked in archives while researching my dissertation, however, I also knew I was a really good internet researcher. The Archives Librarian was pretty but not overly so and always wore what I would call “librarian” clothes whereas I always appeared as the students in blue jeans and cowboy boots (yeh, I know, at my age). We all seemed to get along well and soon I discovered that everything on the project was in disarray in my opinion, so I volunteered to combine all the lists. They thought this was a great idea, therefore I combined all the list into one on a spread sheet indicating where each name was list and by whom, when they arrived, their birth, death, city of birth, city of death and whether they were a Nazi or not by coming from Peenemunde. I shared this information with a Frank Winter, Ph.D. who had once been the Director of the Air and Space Museum; Ed Buckbee, the former Director of the Space and Rocket Center and the historian at NASA. Frank was overjoyed that I had found exactly which box he need to pull at the Air and Space Museum (I think….one of the Museum’s) because it would save him a lot of time. (Why no one else had found this is beyond me.) It only took one search to find not only this info but the FBI info and Immigration info. It is all in the public domain). He is writing another book and it may be finished by now. I worked with Dr. Lundquist, or thought I did, through the auspices of the U.A. H. Library.

Then one day I receive an email from the Librarian that the project was over and that I was not needed whereas the week before Dr. Lundquist had indicated all the work left to do and outlined what came next, etc.

To make a long story short, I felt stabbed in the back (pitchfork) and the spots were both black and white indicating that there were two personalities perhaps I intimidated. I never talked about my Ph.D., however that was how I was address by everyone except the librarian.

Of course, all the archived information were in big boxes that looked like big books and I actually worked on the material in 4 or 5 of those boxes.

The pink cords were probably all the people and there were times I was informed by Dr. Lundquist that they were having a meeting but that I had no need to know which is not uncommon in the Space world. I never felt offended. Whether he wanted me to go and could not find the heart to say so would be part of the pink cord. He, too, is very well known in the space world.

My intentions were only one of interest in those Nazi’s who had helped put Huntsville on the map. I had no interest other than to help. As I said to them, two had lived on my street and my son had gone to school with their children.

Do you think I could be right?


13 thoughts on “Remembered Fragments

    1. I do not know what is appropriate here. I meant to ask you not to tweet this. Some of those folk mentioned in my interpretation follow me…oh well, they know how I fell, I think.


    1. I thought it was really interesting to find this now…in retrospect, friends warned me that I would be stabbed from the beginning…they saw what I chose not to see…my trust left for good with this event. Thank you for reading. Two left to go.


      1. What YOU see is the most important thing. Friends can provide interpretations, but your dreams are for you. When I’ve shared dreams in the past, I’ve had to let go of my interpretation and let them become whatever they are meant to be to others. They can never know what they mean to me.

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  1. So, I take it you found the notes.

    Oh yes, I do think you are right about the prophecy. Dreams are so difficult to interpret with all of their symbolism. I love trying to interpret though. Thanks for sharing.


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