Million Dollar Fashion Blogs

Today I read an article on fashion bloggers making millions of dollars. They have ads on their sites and big names court them for their following and their clever writing, I suppose. Since I am not a fashion sort of person, I guess this genre is not for me.

What happened to other areas that are interesting? Do they get paid to write? I could suggest some good blogs for them to take a look at. I wonder if people would like to know how old folks dress and what we would like to wear. Maybe I’ll start another blog on shopping at thrift stores. This reminds me that I purchased new outfits this month to take back home with me. I did not want to look so much like a bag lady 🙂

I hate new clothes!

Like Greg Gutfield on The Five…when he says: “I hate these people.” I just hate new clothes. They are not broken in, soft and worn in all the right places. I don’t think this will bring me a million dollars.

I found a dead chipmunk this morning. That makes two I have found. I have not been killing the chipmunks; I don’t really hate them anymore; just the new clothes that I hate breaking in.


6 thoughts on “Million Dollar Fashion Blogs

  1. I have a hard time finding clothes to fit, period! I do like to shop thrift and consignment stores for the youngest grandkids–the ones who outgrow their clothes before they’re worn out. Sorry to hear about the chipmunks.


  2. That’s a whole science of its own, to make money off a blog. All the search engine optimization [SEO] and whatnot… I think it’s very difficult.

    I’m not much into clothes … I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of person.


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