Dead Broke and In Debt

My daddy would want me to speak out (not). So here goes!

I woke up this morning and found I had been kicked out of my house and was dead broke and 12 million dollars in debt! This was a pickle indeed because I would need to find money for food and shelter so putting my thinking cap on I came up with several plans:

Go to Gitmo and be swapped for whatever comes up next and maybe get to live in Qatar…sounds like a luxurious place to live.

Commit a white collar crime and get sent to a white collar prison…free health care; free meals; free overhead; a gym and all day to read and or workout.

Ride a cruise ship all year. Maybe they need a stand up comedian.

Move to the Holiday Inn and have everything supplied for me.

There are just so many options; however, some people decide to sell themselves to speeches for large amount of money and just make up whatever suits their purpose at the time.

I though I might run for president, however, I missed the deadline for registering last time and by now they would research my health, physically and mentally, although others get a pass on this.

I was born in MS. I think it is still a state. My father was born in America as was my mom, if that matters to anyone. I was raised in a christian church. Some of the doctrine did not rub off on me so I became Catholic. Is that Christian?

My father served in WWII. That made him a part of the Greatest Generation and he was older than 14.

My grandson is now in the Army. He is 20. I pray he does not get caught up in any of these senseless tribal wars. These folk have grown up fighting; it seems to be part of their culture. Who are we to try to change the fact that they like to fight each other.

Justin Bieber still makes me wonder what kind of young ladies we have today. I did not fall for Elvis; so what’s with Bieber?

Where are the Katherine Hepburn’s and Paul Newman’s and Cary Grant’s? Sure Kathryn carried on smoking and having affairs but kind of quietly. Paul seemed to have kept his pants up and started a wonderful Camp for dying children…The Hole in the Wall Gang camp. Where are their replacements?

I have one child who is a baby boomer and one a millennium…what a difference in the two. I cross two decades and therefore came up confused, not belonging to one decade or the other.

All this senseless nonsense because frankly one must learn to laugh at the state of the world cause it is all we have for right now. Lies are called something new every day; what a tangled web of talking heads we live with.

Glad you all are sane!


4 thoughts on “Dead Broke and In Debt

  1. Are we all sane? LOL! Thanks for a little laugh this morning. Unless you really are dead broke and owe millions… yikes. Have a great humor-filled day!


  2. Ha, ha, ha, this is funny. And I get it, because I’m awake (albeit with a couple of glasses of wine in me at the moment). You could still be dead broke even with the speeches you do, since presidents seem to be anyway. Heh. Am I making sense? Can’t tell … the wine. 🙂 Loved this, Miss Linda.


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