Read This First…My Covenant to You

While on a rather short sabbatical, I made some decisions.

1. I will follow the people who write comments.

2. I will comment on blogs when I have something intelligent to say or something to share.

3. I will not click the Like button.

4. I removed the Like button from this blog.

5. Sometimes you may have nothing to say, however, you Like what I wrote……….soooooooo go to the comment block and put in a happy face or a check mark. I do not care what, as long as you keep that finger off the Like button.

6. I Promise Faithfully I will not click that hateful button, which no one understands, on your blog.

7. If I Like your post and have nothing to say, I will put in my mark!

8. Humans are losing the ability to communicate intelligently, therefore, on this blog please comment or put your “x” in the comment block and move on. Life is too short to care.

9. For those who have photo blogs, I will at least write one word.

10. Whether you like my rules or not, it is my blog, therefore, if you do not like the rules, then I suggest you follow someone else.

This blog has never been about followers, comments, Likes; this blog and the grumpy old lady who writes would interact with five BLOGGERS with some caring sense of who and what their life is about than to have a million followers and know none!

Will I be back after this? When I have something I wish to share with that invisible world out there.

30 thoughts on “Read This First…My Covenant to You

  1. I have a confession to make.

    Today I worked out that the ‘star’ on the wordpress app is equivalent to a ‘like’. I thought I was just marking it as ‘read’. Am I the only one that thought that?


  2. That’s all fine and dandy with me. The Like-button is often a matter of long discussions. I took mine away for a while, but then put it back because so many people wrote to me and asked where it was. I never pay attention to ‘Likes’.

    Admittedly, sometimes I do hit Like … when there’s poetry that I don’t understand but like anyways … if that makes sense?! 🙂

    I have more than 200 followers, and you see how many comments I get … they don’t have anything to say and I’m totally alright with that.


  3. Hey, where’s the like button? Hee, hee. I actually think this is a great idea. If I didn’t have to have an author’s platform (to help sell my anthology and upcoming novels someday), I think I’d do the same. Good to read ya again, even if you are a “crabby old lady.” They’re the best kind. 🙂


  4. Some folks like the like, some folks dislike the like, and some barely know it exists. We all have our own rules for our little piece of the internet (at least until Com Warner or TimeCast and the NSA tell us otherwise) and that is how it should be. I wish I could figure out a way to leave a picture (very small of course) when I have nothing intelligent to say but that seems to be beyond my skill level.


    • Robert, it is folk like you I wish I could design something to make it easy for you to show you have visited but have no opinion one way or another. It is the folk I do not know that leave me livid that they have intruded into my space.


  5. Really? People sometimes don’t have anything to say? *big grin* Awww, keep on saying something–anything–on my blog–because I like to feel your spirit, no matter what the words say. My inner little girl gets SO disappointed when people don’t say hi. OK, we’re urging that inner little girl to grow up and respect the wishes of others more, so please ignore everything that i just wrote. Another grin.


    • Kathy, I do not think you would ever run out of things to say:)
      I have been busy painting (on canvas). It has really helped clear my clogged creativity.
      I will keep reading and commenting but no likes. Those “lurkers” better watch out! I shall go and spew nonsensical sentences on their blog!


  6. Reblogged this on The Bonny Blog and commented:
    I wonder how many of you feel as Linda does? Took mine away for a while but then put it back. Like the like button? I like LInda’s blog very much and urge you to read her posts.


  7. Haha I want to hear more about your dislike of the like button? It is kind of an odd thing… I usually click like to let people know I’ve read their post but then 99% of the time I go on to leave a comment anyways so I’m not really sure what it’s for.


    • Thank you for visiting and the comment. I just go on a rant sometimes because a good many just click the like button and I have not a clue why they like what is on that particular post. I did a follow up and have pretty much just stopped blogging.


    • Hi Melanie! thanks for your comment! It is a very busy week for me. I am busy writing an historical book about the church where I grew up…it’s a long story. I hope to get to know you better…


  8. “5. Sometimes you may have nothing to say, however, you Like what I wrote……….soooooooo go to the comment block and put in a happy face or a check mark. I do not care what, as long as you keep that finger off the Like button.”

    Thank you for articulating a bit of what I struggle with also in this bloggo-sphere conundrum: the potential for great exchange of ideas/the surface reality of how it forces humans to interact!

    I hope your ‘sabbatical’ is short-lived…


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