11 thoughts on “Faucet cover

    • Covers an outside faucet to help keep the pipes from freezing. The psychology is “peace of mind”! 🙂

      Do not have a clue why it is in that category. When writing posts in that shortened form, I never have found (or looked) to see where to find the category placement. Too much trouble.


      • Peace of mind…Never thought of that.

        If you go on your dashboard there’s a section called categories. You can add as many as you want. Then when you add a new post these categories will appear on the right of your screen and you click on whichever is suitable. Hope this helps.


  1. This is true if you are posting from that position. If one is posting from the form where across the top it says, text, photo, etc. those categories do not appear. Thank you, however I am speaking from a totally different point of posting 🙂


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