Observer Report.

imageLowe’s for faucet covers. Really cool cone like things. Gas in two cars. Visit next door neighbor. Son helped with the cone thing’s…4 faucets in all. Daughter had gift… Hickory Farms sausage and cheese…ate homemade tomato soup made by sister…long nap…woke with jaw, ear pain. More drops in the ear. More aspirin. More sinus problems.

She functions without thought. It helps not to place meaning to these things that make up her life. Nothing exciting. The even living days of little to no interaction without pondering how choices had brought this all about.

she is writing stories in her head at night….they will appear in time


one of her paintings…The Invisible Woman….

14 thoughts on “Observer Report.

  1. I don’t know what those faucets look like. She could actually take a picture of one… I always used to refer to them as taps [in ref. to what we talked about … ‘do you fancy a new tap?’] LOL

    Looking forward to reading those stories..


  2. I didn’t know that you paint. I wish I could paint, so I do it with photographs. Your Invisible Woman is great!

    I have many days with very little interaction too. My dog helps keep me company. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it makes me sad. I’m sure that’s natural.


    1. I paint wired things sometimes. When I painted this, I felt totally invisible. Some people can see her, others cannot. Since you did, it tells me you know how it feels…sending a hug…it is coming from inside the house, so it is warm!


  3. Oh I see the invisible woman! My friend who is 12 years older than me talks a bit about how she’s become more and more invisible. Of course, when she was younger people were always looking at her because she’s pretty. Now it hurts her because she feels invisible.


    1. Thanks, Kathy….it bothers me most when I am shopping in a place like Lowe’s, a man’s place. The sales “associate” will talk forever to the man who ends up buying nothing. I am ignored and then mocked. He reminds me of a clown as he mocks me. I laughed at him and said that it was too bad he did not have a clue what I was talking about…perhaps more training was needed, leaving him and his clown act staring in disbelief.


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