Another Day Observing

Crack yourself open! What use is it to continue to hide behind your facades and roles? Why waste your energy playing games? Isn’t it time to cry your tears; to shout your passion; to dance like Zorba; and to let your soul touch the Soul of the world?

William Martin, The Sage’s Tao Te Ching

She slept the sleep of the innocent, waking to thank the Universe for having another day to live; to pursue her goals. It was a gray day and she knew no one would be calling or coming by. Not many ever do. They all went away while she was off being a diversity officer at a university, one of the stories she is writing. The reverse discrimination; the complaints; the retaliation; and the inequality of the justice system beginning with EEOC, a totally controlled government agency catering to the ones in power with no enforcement arm, or so they told her.

The temperatures plummeted; she changed clothes 3 times and closed off rooms not used, to keep the house warmer. The temperature by Monday night will be 5 degree’s F. Her doctor’s appointment is Tuesday a.m. Dressing warmly will be a task.

She finished her research of the Marshall Star paper copying and noting the issue and page the obits for the Operation Paperclip guys who came with Werner von Braun to Huntsville, Al appeared. Then she turned to the internet to fill in other gaps in the lives of these 110 guys who made Huntsville the city it is today. Some people did not like the Germans because they were all Nazi’s…she has no opinion. A researcher is objective. Looking for facts; compiling the information. That is the task.

She received a refund check of 31 cents from Verizon which caused a smile and a settlement check from Bank of America.   She was in the claimant group affected. The check was thirty-three dollars and twelve cents. There is a form waiting for her to fill out for Discover in which she is part of the group who received robot dialing. She also was caught in the 40 plus million Target customers…it never ends…the forms, that is. Her credit cards are always having to be replaced through no fault of her own.

She called her sister; exchanged the events of the day and rung off. The mind shut down today and task became routine. The purpose hidden behind open windows on the computer as she moved back and forth through pages of information searching.

Always searching.

6 thoughts on “Another Day Observing

  1. Sounds like you’re working hard on a research project. Keeps the mind sharp to stay busy with such things. I can’t get over the temperatures. You don’t usually get that cold, do you? I’m in central Florida where it doesn’t get lower than 65 degrees, and it’s supposed struggle to stay in the 50’s tomorrow. It was 76 degrees today. Go figure. Warm hugs to you.


  2. I admire those who like to research. It’s a gift, indeed. If I liked to research, I would dig deep and then write a book. Alas, this path is not–yet–mine. Barry’s mom was caught in the Target scam, too.


    • Researching was not always her favorite way to write. Higher Education killed all creativity she had, if she ever had any.

      Hope Barry’s mom will not have any breaches to have to correct.


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