The Observer 1/1/14 end of day

“As I learned to accept myself, I began to relate to people on a deeper level and saw that everyone comes with their own pains and struggles. I learned to appreciate them for their flaws as much as their strengths, which in turn helped me to accept myself more.”
— Amyra Mah

She slept fitfully.  Watching was painful as her mind kept replaying events and the steps needed to make things work. Finally, around 4 AM she fell asleep to dream. Peanut butter and rye bread with black coffee started her morning. She spoke to her house and went outside to speak to the gray morning sky.

Read a few blogs; hopefully made appropriate comments; took a shower; wrote thank you notes for cards and gifts received. Then she was off to the post office again. Of course, no mail goes off today. She wished a total stranger Happy New Year; proceeded to go to Angels Coffee Shop which was closed, however Starbucks was open and she had a skinny latte with soy milk and a  cheese Danish. She sat quietly and watched other onesies staring at their electronic devices or just staring into space. There was one couple; and a few females who came and left together. As she left a foreign man wished her Happy New Year. She returned the greeting and left.

Stopping at Walgreens to check to see if there were any pajama jeans left since her neighbor had said that she bought the last pair right before Christmas; knowing that this was probably a fluke and there would be more not put out, she found her size, bought them half price and a birthday card for her sister.

The noon meal was vegetable soup and half a chicken sandwich with mustard and a couple of slices of apples she had left from her trip home on Monday.

Funny, she went out and cut red berries from the Nadina bushes for four vases and then lit the candles. She smiled and sat down at the laptop and worked an hour on the UAH project.

She watched the evening news; made hot green tea, sliced some banana nut bread and settled in to wait for 7 PM to call her sister.

Oddly, the phone rang and a voice asked if she had eaten her peas. She had not so peas were delivered. She ate three bites and then called her sister to hear about her day.

She, her sister, had spoken with a first cousin who had called because the church had called the cousin looking for the sister whom the whole church looked for on Monday. The group meeting did not hear the date and all showed up on the wrong day with her sister missing. She, the sister, was at the dentist. A scheduled appointment. They hung up and she listened to TED talks for about an hour.

She needs to sleep. Today all her words were there. Nothing lost or misplaced. She had only wished for a camera to take a photo of the two white labs sitting like statues in the yard.

Knowing now she will put her house to bed, brush her teeth and try to sleep.

Tomorrow is already here and the Universe has smiled at the progress made with the acceptance on a deeper level of the small world she has chosen to leave to reenter a larger universe…slowly, one step, two steps….

7 thoughts on “The Observer 1/1/14 end of day

  1. It feels ‘funny'[in lack of a better word] to read this in third person. It’s very enjoyable and nice to read. I have yet to find out what pajama jeans are. Once in Starbucks, a young couple was sitting next to me. They didn’t speak a word to each other — whey were each, flipping through pages, on their iPhone. What was the UAH project? Who’s voice was it about the peas?


    1. UAH…researching the 118 German Rocket Scientist who came to Huntsville after WWII…
      Neighbor across the street

      It is a form I have wanted to use. It is that person inside my head to whom I talk because there is no one else to talk with; so, no, I am not bipolar, but it is easier to talk about life in the third person. There is a story emerging if anyone wants to read; somehow it really does not matter. I write what is in my life but this method causes me to examine the small things that perhaps I am missing. Observe the mundane; the minutia of life.

      Thanks for your honest comment.


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