In Memoriam

English: Town Crier, Provincetown, Massachuset...

English: Town Crier, Provincetown, Massachusetts; from a 1909 postcard published by Provincetown Advocate, Provincetown, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I stopped reading the obituaries. There were so many deaths this year and I am told that this is to be expected when one gets to be my age. Did this help ease the loss? No. Did I feel any better from hearing this? No. Is it true? probably.

For the Names I am calling as The Town Crier, some were young….some were middle age and some were old. Does this matter? Not really. Their time was up on this earth and therefore, it was time for them to go. I am thankful that it was my privilege to have known them for whatever time I had with them. They added value to my life; laughter, joy, discussion and shared memories of a time and place.

There may be a few I missed. Some of the funerals I attended; others not; I spent the day remembering.

When I received the text at 4:02 p.m. yesterday in Walmart, as I was purchasing a new phone, the clerk had to read me the message. I stood there and looked at her stunned. How could this be? Thankful that my daughter-in-law had spent Thanksgiving with her. She fell the text said; was taken for surgery and died with an aneurysm.

We never know, do we? Would we want to receive an engraved letter, like in the commercial, that our heart attack or our aneurysm is arriving in 2 days. Would we have time to finish our many projects?

My projects may or may not be finished; when my time comes; my heirs can decide what to do with the bits and pieces left of my life.

May your days be filled with peace and love and joy and may the Town Crier not call your name or the name of one you love this holiday season.

January 12

Merlene Robertson (sister-in-law; she supported my brother in his church missions)

January 23

Bobby Garrett (eldest son of a childhood friend, no longer; he was a great farmer, farming thousands of acres)

January 24

Diane Chesteen (graduate school friend, teacher of Special Needs Children)

February 28

Walt Cartier (cousin-in-law, Mississippi Benefits Chairman before he retired)

March 5

Charles Ray (A very dear friend since the early 70’s; Chairman of Redstone Federal Credit Union)

April 9

Sandra Moon (a good friend for years; First woman president of Huntsville City Council)

April 30

John Moon (Sandra’s Husband…I can hear him say: Pick up the phone, it’s Linda Bourgeois; retired Colonel)

April 12

Phil Williams (a friend from days past who helped me with my first company…died from Agent Orange….was married to the wife of a Doctor who helped me start the first free Epilepsy Clinic in Huntsville; he died from a brain tumor)


Sharon Kunitz (the daughter of friends of mine from theater days….very young…1957-2013; She was a Jewish Cantor)

August 6

Harry Butcher (the father of one of my son’s good friends from high school)

August 20

Joyce Cartier (first cousin, who worked for Bobby Chain, Chain Electric, for 37 years)


Mr. Smith (a father of one of my son’s good friends from high school)

October 25

David Dodd ( we went to school together for 14 years…friends? we argued with each other….he and my brother were friends)

November 19

George Dickerson (Station Manager:from the inception of Public Radio in Huntsville and one of my very best friends until he retired;; many lunches; many books and he and I, with help from many produced, a documentary on Epilepsy which won 2 national awards and one international award; stored in the JFK Library)

December 1

Pat Smith (one of my closest friends…we had so many brunches together…once a month…he was one of the doctors I worked with). He worked tirelessly for women to have the right to choose.

December 1

Marion Frances Dodd Gilliland (friend from high school; David’s older sister…the entire family is now gone)

December 20

Barbara Jones (my son’s mother-in-law)

December 20

Jane Mabry (first woman to serve on Huntsville City Council…had my first antique booth with her).

Quietly we slip away.

10 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. I’m sorry. You’ve known a lot of loss this year. I wish you many more projects completed, and also peace and love and joy to you and your loved ones now and in the days to come.


  2. It seems to me, you and all of these people left indelible marks here on this side of the veil. My heart goes out to you in dealing with all of these losses. Hugs of comfort to you.


  3. Hmm, it says comments are turned off, but I’ll try anyway since a few seemed to sneak by. As I’ve told you before, Linda, it’s a crying shame that someone has to lose this many friends and acquaintances in a year. I am so sorry…


  4. So many losses, too much for one person…I hope you can smile in remembrance. So sorry for all of them. Not easy to keep standing while others have drifted away from our lives.


  5. Thanks for this insightful post. I have a friend who has taught me much about taking steps to do NOW what I need to do. SAY those things I need to say, share those items I want shared. “Get Busy Living…” is the message.

    Blessings to you — MKM


  6. Are the comments closed in your latest blog about your stats? Either that or I’ve never been the first commenter before and can’t figure out where to post. Anywho, congrats on being a vital and engaging blog on WordPress. Thank you for sharing yourself. Happy New Year, Linda, and may 2014 bring more life than death… Love, Kathy


    • Hi Kathy,
      Wondered if you were totally frozen. I went in to “fix” comments and put something like “generic Ramblings welcome”. No telling what happened, knowing me. I have written dozen of comments today only to have them disappear. Think the iPad has decided to do what it wants! Or maybe I am tired from driving five hours yesterday. Thanks for letting me know. I will wander on over….


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