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26 thoughts on “Anxiety

    1. Thanks. Folks don’t want to think that this is the standard of care for those suffering panic attacks or anxiety attacks. Wonder what others presented in a photo to represent anxiety?


      1. I think I missed that challenge.

        Aren’t drugs the automatic remedy for everything from toe ache to bad hair day? So sad, and the results are often as bad as the original condition.


  1. …and they are so many with the same ending … Lorazepam, Diazepam Nitrazepam … the list goes on. They really work, but it’s kind of scary too, to take pills that mess with your mind … when you think about it!


    1. I have been taking this since 2002, I think….when I was in Costco and all of a sudden I panicked because I did not know the way out. I would only go places where I knew exactly where something was located; go there; get it and leave. It was pretty bad. The medication does not mess with my mind; worrying about having an attack messed with my mind. They may or may not work the same for everyone.


      1. That’s true … the anxiety of getting anxiety — it gets like a vicious circle.
        I have taken these occasionally, and I figured going from having rather severe anxiety to feeling pretty … almost cheerful, was messing with my mind. I wanted to find the root of the anxiety and deal with it.


    1. I hate the new way they have you post with the Text, Photo, Video layout. It is a pain and I try not to get on that page. Is there a way just to get rid of it entirely. I could not tag or look for others on that stupid page. Well, it is stupid to me!


        1. I seemed to post going to the photo of me on right and try to go to “New” by the drop down menu but always end up on the stupid page where one cannot see their tags or anything else….will try from the left! Thanks.


    1. Thanks, Patti. So many do not want to look at Mental Health issues. I have degrees in psychology and sometimes there is no “root” cause. Sometimes it is hard for a parent to hear that there is no genetic marker for what their child has because it is congenital. I, for one, was relieved to final have a name for something I had suffered with for years.


      1. I know how important it is to name whatever it is we deal with. I had muscle pain for about a dozen years before finding a doctor and diagnosis, Linda.


  2. It runs in our family, but you, Allie, and I are the only one who own up to it, that I am aware of……I.m old, crazy, and have cancer so I can admit anything and do or wear anything I choose. Life is good!

    Love you!


    1. I thought I replied. Good to know life is good for you! It is for me as well. I stay well. Waiting on path reports from growth removed a week ago. However, I am sure all is well. Yes, it seems like the three of us admit we have a problem. Don’t know what the rest call it.



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