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26 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. …and they are so many with the same ending … Lorazepam, Diazepam Nitrazepam … the list goes on. They really work, but it’s kind of scary too, to take pills that mess with your mind … when you think about it!


    • I have been taking this since 2002, I think….when I was in Costco and all of a sudden I panicked because I did not know the way out. I would only go places where I knew exactly where something was located; go there; get it and leave. It was pretty bad. The medication does not mess with my mind; worrying about having an attack messed with my mind. They may or may not work the same for everyone.


      • That’s true … the anxiety of getting anxiety — it gets like a vicious circle.
        I have taken these occasionally, and I figured going from having rather severe anxiety to feeling pretty … almost cheerful, was messing with my mind. I wanted to find the root of the anxiety and deal with it.


  2. It runs in our family, but you, Allie, and I are the only one who own up to it, that I am aware of……I.m old, crazy, and have cancer so I can admit anything and do or wear anything I choose. Life is good!

    Love you!


    • I thought I replied. Good to know life is good for you! It is for me as well. I stay well. Waiting on path reports from growth removed a week ago. However, I am sure all is well. Yes, it seems like the three of us admit we have a problem. Don’t know what the rest call it.



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