Chocolate covered Carmel Santa

Yesterday was a debacle! Got up early. Took my meds. Warmed left over coffee, and started up again on the project I must finish for my son.

ten o’clock rolls around, and not having eaten anything, I remembered the last little mini chocolate covered Carmel Santa all snug in his little Russell Stover bag. knowing I am allergic to chocolate, I decided the two bites to eat him would not hurt….

fifty minutes later, after coughing and gagging, thinking my throat might close at any minute, I drank some vinegar (do not know why), tons of water and finally popped that Benadryl knowing that would shut me down for the rest of the day.

four o’clock, a knocking on the door. I could not drag myself to the door. The knocking stops as the phone begins to ring. My neighbor had brought my mail and would bring me salmon patties at 5.

back to sleep to be awakened at 5 with the promised. I stumbled in the kitchen and ate one patty. Drank more water and back to sleep.

Seven o’clock and must call my sister. We talk every day to make sure we are alive. I could barely croak out any words. She had a good day and drove her new car to the Capital to volunteer today. Said it made her nervous. When she finished 32 minutes later, I was kinda awake so checked emails; screwed up Word Press before returning to bed and waking at 5:15. Got ready for my two hour contract job that I have once a week. Weighed…157.2. Two pounds lost by eating that little old Santa and one salmon patty with lots of water.

six a.m. Found me sitting at my favorite McDonald’s eating a sausage only McMuffin…no egg, no cheese and black coffee.ย 

After going to Target (groceries); gas station for gas (what did you expect them to think, Linda); on to Sam’s for meds; then lowes to take back some building stuff, I came home and ate another salmon patty with romaine lettuce and my home grown cherry tomatoes. I think I will still be eating them at Christmas!

this finishes my boring saga, however

I am thankful I am so hearty that the coughing, gagging episode did not deter me for long!ย 

No Santa’s in my future!


13 thoughts on “Chocolate covered Carmel Santa

  1. Your saga was anything but boring. I’m glad you’re okay–it sounds like a scary experience. I had no idea chocolate would do that. I was pronounced allergic when I was eight but never saw a symptom. Do you like eggnog? I’ve found the commercially produced type even better than chocolate. That might make a good substitute for the Santas. Anyway, take care and stay well.


    • Thank you about the photo. I was young and “foxy”….my daughter caught this on Christmas morning. She gave me the hat! Seriously, I was very thin with a good body shape…not so now, I am afraid.
      Thank you for reading my saga. It is always good to see you.


  2. Wow … Benadryl makes you go down like that?! When I was really little, I got sick from a bad shrimp. They thought I was allergic to shellfish so I didn’t eat shrimp for years, and I really loved them. Then … I did like you, but with the difference, I didn’t get sick at all. Have eaten shrimp ever since.
    I have only one allergy: Booze mixed with Coca-Cola (!). I can drink both on their own, but not together. I get something like anaphylactic shock.

    We now have Target in Canada too. They opened here in SJ, last week.


    • I love Target…they have really good fruits and veggies here! I do not eat meat so I do not know about that, however, the salmon is good.
      They always have some nice clothes on sale…so I can get just about everything there.
      I am so allergic to so many things, it becomes a pain in the buttocks ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Oh my Lord! You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re allergic to chocolate? I’d probably lose the weight that I need to lose if I was allergic to chocolate. I eat it every day and don’t know how to stop. So glad you are okay, Linda. Take care of yourself.


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