Is it a Rant?

“Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.” George Bernard Shaw




English: George Bernard Shaw date between 1900...
English: George Bernard Shaw date between 1900-1910 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you have listened to any news recently, you have heard talk of passing our debt on to future generations. A lot of talking heads, talk without saying anything, however, there are a few who make a case. I have my favorites, however, it is best not to talk politics or religion, lest I offend someone.




I have two grandsons. I wish I could see into the future to see what their world will be like when I am gone. Will the globe warm until it is unbearable? Will there be more and more massive tornado’s, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, mass killings, etc.?




Where will the children go as they grow? What will they do? Can they save the earth? Can they change the world?




Family Portrait - Montreal 1963
Family Portrait – Montreal 1963 (Photo credit: Mikey G Ottawa)


All of the ones we have in Washington right now need to go home and sit down! If I could I would get a street sweeper




A vintage ice cream truck
A vintage ice cream truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


and try to entice all the politicians, lobbyists, and D.C. folk into the streets… maybe with an ice cream truck tinkling its little bell with a call for “free Obamacream” loudly through its little microphone… that is a special kind of ice cream these days…I hear it is very good. Then I would sweep them all to a new state….one carved from vast expanses perhaps in the desert parts of the U. S. and give them some water and enough food to live on (from cans) along with spades, hoes, plows, mules, cows, goats, seeds…yes seeds, and let them toil away in the desert to try to grow their own food until they learned that they are nothing special. Let them think and learn to live with each other because only by helping each other will they live.


They have grown greedy with power; their mouths open to say nothing… Robert Frost states: “Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.”


Robert Frost
Robert Frost (Photo credit: Boston Public Library)


However, this is about not only my grandchildren but also yours. Should we all unite and demonstrate? Did we not do this when we were younger? I lived through many changes and this is the worst I have seen. I want better for the next generation. I want them to be able to run with the wind in open fields not filled with greenhouse gasses; I want them to have clean air to breathe; I want the tornado’s to go away; and the hurricanes; and the earthquakes and the floods, fires and all the things that Revelations speak about. Perhaps, I want for them peace on earth; the peace I thought we had back in the 40’s and 50’s when I walked the dirt roads to my grandmother’s house. I wished my grandsons could have walked to my house. I wish I had known how to cook; how to be a wife; how to make a husband happy.




Was I selfish? Was it all about me? Where did I get off the Merry-Go-Round; when did it even stop?


Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round (Photo credit: MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina)



I was ambitious; I wanted to “do good” for my parents sake; to make them proud. Would they not have been as proud if I had stayed home; had a garden; planted my flowers and tended the children; cooked breakfast, walked them to the school bus (where there were no guns) and schools without policemen and bars and locked doors? Wouldn’t they have been just as proud? would I not have served a greater purpose? I wanted more for my grandchildren? However, I sent my children out into the world as independent as I. They do not need me; I taught them well.




Technology takes away voices; planes take us to places to walk as in days of old; fences falsely keep us safe where there is no safe place.




The universe had a plan for me; did I miss the mark? Where was the mark? Did someone cut the tree down before I realized the mark was for me? Where did the time go; where did all the stuff come from; how do you make it go away?




I think this is a rant on life. Or, it could be another geriatric ramble through the back roads of my mind again.




Whatever it is I want it to go away as well.









15 thoughts on “Is it a Rant?

  1. I love this rant. If it’s geriatric, then I’m geriatric too. I don’t even have children or grandchildren, and watching the greatest nation in history go down in flames is taking its toll on me too. Not only do I want good things for future generations, but I think of all those who fought and were killed or maimed for this country. For what? For what’s happening to it now? Has anyone ever read the history of what the patriots suffered during the revolutionary war? Even Washington himself suffered along with his men. It just makes me want to cry, and once in a while, I do. Hugs to miss Linda.


      1. Eh, it’s good to have a rant once in a while too. I know I have been known to have rants more than not. But, it’s important to have those laughs too. Let’s mix it up with rants and laughter. Hee, hee. And, a glass of wine once in a while, which is why I’m typing goofy right now. 😛


  2. Nice rant, Linda! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I think there are so many issues with this planet, and not only your nation, but haven’t every generation said that?! I’ve never met a person who openly stated he didn’t want peace?! Still there are wars. We all want clean air …. still we drive our cars. With all this high technology going around, surely all these brilliant brains would be able to dream up clean, renewable fuel?! I’ve just finished reading «Inferno» by Dan Brown [which didn’t impress me at all], but it made me think a lot about the increase of the population … certainly food for thought.


    1. You know I did not like “inferno” either!
      You would think that with all the brilliant propel there could somehow find a way to solve some of the most troubling problems. We must not forget that there are also many great things in our life to be grateful for,however, will they remain?
      Thanks for joining in the conversation. Have a glass of wine with Lori and I…made me feel better!


      1. I was going to give it up, but when I’d read the last few chapters, I was glad I didn’t after all.
        Oh, I’m grateful for a LOT of things … perhaps mostly modern IT technology. I really love this stuff.
        I gave up alcohol 1993, I stick with caffeine and nicotine … I’ll join you anyways 🙂


  3. For as long as there is a voice to call out, a light that shines in the dark; there are others who will hear and see…
    For as long as there are those who care enough to write, there will be others, like us who read. Respond. Gather our strength of spirit and move mountains. One grain at a time…
    You are NOT alone. We are connected and good will prevail… (Vive l’internet!; )


  4. Sometimes a rant is good for us, to let our feelings out. I wish the best, too, for future grandchildren. For our planet. It’s weird–I don’t know why–but even in the face of fear and devastation–I have this sense of hope, of possibility, of healing. That a way will be found for us, even if it’s a way that looks impossible on the surface. Talk about geriatric, lol!


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