Fat Grannie’s Estate Sale/Thrift store adventure

After dressing I ran to Sam’s and picked up medication; and grabbed one clementine and a pack of peanut butter crackers (free, of course) for my day out. Stopped by the credit union to deposit two checks and to get money for the sale.

Brenda and I left for the estate sale at 10 a.m. She had a Garmin. I thought I knew better than that staccato voice saying (Turn Right…Recalculating). Whey was she recalculating? Cause I knew better than the Garmin and we only had to turn around two times before getting there.

The backyard was so pretty; no I did not bring a camera but I spent so much time there I almost missed buying 3 halogen bulbs for the motion sensor lights outside for $7.50; an ugly Christmas sweater for $3. with the original tags; a lamp shade I dug to the bottom of the closet for $.50 and a bronze looking coffee container for $2. Spent $13. However, I found $30. in the pocket of the Christmas Sweater after I left. So, I kept it not knowing what else to do. I had made a donation to Manor House while there so I guess it all works out.

Next we decided to go to Walmart and she knows I do not like Walmart but it was o.k. today. I ate the peanut butter crackers and drank a glass of water on the way.  I needed bananas, clementines, dried fruit for the oatmeal cookies, Flax-seed ground for these same cookies…and of course, there were those Honey Buns sticking to the bananas when I got to checkout. I need them to eat at 6 a.m. in the morning before going to work at 7 a.m., you see. Almost out of Metamucil so added that.

Leaving there we decided to go this thrift store in New Hope. Not really in a direct line to going home but off for another adventure. Ate the clementine. Drank more water.

This was a great store and it all goes for a good cause.

Here are my purchases:

Beautiful sparkly shawl for my sister: $3-

Corning Ware Coffee Pot…the old kind that percolates: $1.

Wedgwood very old Vase: $.25

Drinking glass with a handle (when old, it is always good to have a good grip on things): $.50

Vera Wang Pants with tags attached: $6.

Bronze looking coffee canister: $2.

Pfaltzgraff cookie jar made in USA: $3.

Napkin Holder from Japan: $1.50 (not that I did not already have one exactly like this one but with a different design)

An odd-looking cup signed: $.50

and a beautiful Jon Richard shirt with pleats: 3.50.

So $24 dollars lighter we started toward home stopping only to cut some wild grasses and flowers. Then, Brenda went by Subway for me to get dinner…foot long subway black forest ham, pepper jack cheese (no-no); lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers….put the olive oil on at home and added a boiled egg. Only ate half and chased it with more waters.


Much healthier, don’t you think. Isn’t it fun to know exactly what a person actually engages in all day? I hope so but then you know how to click that delete button :).


New photo…hair is growing out and my Grannie look for the day.photo(1)

10 thoughts on “Fat Grannie’s Estate Sale/Thrift store adventure

  1. YOU FOUND $30 IN THE POCKET OF AN UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER? Oh how cool is that, Linda? You were blessed in amazing way. Isn’t that a childhood dream? I used to dream I’d find money in the purses Santa gave me at Christmas. The Universe was gifting you mightily. P.S. Thanks for sharing the new picture.


    1. Yes, it was truly an amazing day.
      My hair is growing out and I am recording all my food, however with an App called Lose It. I can share that later on. Thanks for reading this boring account except for the $30.


    2. P.S. Sorry, just came across your kiwi question again. The miniature kiwis don’t really taste like the supermarket version that much. They taste varying degrees of sweet (if really ripe) or tart (if not ripe). They taste more like grapes, actually.


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