Fat Grannie Day Two


.2 pounds gone. When “they” ask you if you think about what you are putting into your mouth before you eat the answer is “no”, as you can see from yesterday. “They” say it is like smearing fat all over your body. Why can’t we just smear the stuff all over our bodies and get full and they go take a shower and wash it off? Maybe since I am old and can wear purple and say and do things I did not do when young, I should just do this.

Breakfast this a.m. was a cup of oatmeal, sweetened with one teaspoon of honey and a palm full of frozen blueberries with the black coffee.

Oatmeal and coffee

I found that I can write it down here….I drank my glass of water before breakfast (had to take my 3 pills…Citracal, CoQ10 for my heart and Lisinipril/HCTZ). Now I have my water bottle full and will set my alarm for 10 a.m. to drink another glass of water as M.J. suggested.

This, Patti, is my Share the World. I never could follow rules. The questions were to hard for me to answer so I am answering them my Fat Grannie way.

Today I am off to an Estate sale with my young neighbor (you all’s age). After looking at all those toys and photos, it is time to look at fall.

Cheerio until report time this p.m.

hahahahahahahahahahaha….yawn, yawn, yawn….it is good to laugh and yawn. Try it after reading this; really if you read the published scientific literature, it actually will tell you that it is good for you. No joke.

9 thoughts on “Fat Grannie Day Two

  1. I refuse to go through a day without at least one laugh. BTW, I don’t use the scale when trying to lose weight. I go by how my clothes fit. If I can fit comfortably back into my ‘skinny clothes,’ then I’m good. Good luck, Miss Linda. Here supporting you from down south.


    1. Thanks, Lori. I laugh a lot, sometimes at things that really are not to funny but I may as well laugh because I cannot change same. I love the scales. I have a really good one because, believe it or not, I owned a weight clinic at one time. I weighed 120 at that time which was only yesterday, I am sure 🙂
      Stay cool down there! Thanks for your support.


  2. Congratulations on the .2. Every ounce counts. Laughter is indeed important. When necessary, I watch Fawlty Towers, My Fellow Americans, and It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.


  3. Water has numerous healing properties and is definitely an excellent detoxifying agent One of the things that water is really good at is flushing toxins from our organs and cells And an additional is body fat loss by drinking drinking water.


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