Geriatric Ramblings

I have very few “old” friends…maybe I had no friends in the beginning, only people who came and left from my world.

If it had mattered to either one of us, I would have thought that either one of us might have reached across the space.

Speaking what I called “my truth” did not help.

There were those who mocked me; those who used me for their own gain with no thought of how I might feel; and those who were always grateful I lived away.

Life is too short not to forgive…

forgetting….memories stay embedded…

A person with whom I went to school with for 14 years died Friday; wake is today; funeral is tomorrow…even though he was in my class, he was my late brother’s friend. He will be missed in the small rural community where he grew up, lived, worked and died.

7 thoughts on “Geriatric Ramblings

  1. geriatric ramblings conjures up an image of an old incoherent bitty…which you are not! sorry for your loss….yes, most times forgiveness is in order – hugs, love your posts


  2. Your comment made me laugh. I am a sporadic thinker, and sometimes those around me get lost when I change subjects in the middle of a sentence….have learned to say…puddle jumping!
    David worked hard at making me lose my temper every day, just for entertainment…after all we did not have all the gizmos and gadgets. Then he had the audacity to write in the yearbook, “you is mean!”
    I laughed and laughed as I reviewed what he had written through the years. I did not see him after college except at reunions and we always got into an argument. Our classmates would say, “nothing has changed.” Will miss that interchange.
    Well, I wrote an entire post here!


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