Fat “no hair” Grannie is back

Linda, no hair

I started a new blog called Fat Granny with great intentions of keeping it up, however, I did not. It seemed very boring to write about my weight, the food I ate, etc. This was a couple of years back.

I quit.

Now, after gaining more weight, I think since I started that blog, I read that writing it all down helps lose weight. My knees hurt and losing weight would help those poor tired old knees.

I would not recommend reading these posts at all. I could make them private but then I would only be telling myself what myself already knows. You need to lose weight. So stop pretending that you are slim when you are fat, I said to myself as I ate my breakfast of 5 gingersnap cookies and a black cup of coffee. Wonder how many calories that might have been? Then I said to myself, well, stupid read the bag and see. Stupid is now getting up to see:

Serving Size 5 cookies (30 gr) whatever that means

Serving Per Container About 12

Calories 120 with calories from Fat at 35 with a lot more information that I do not really want to know. It would be depressing because to be intelligent, I sure am dumb when it comes to food and what all the stuff means.

They were good Old Fashioned Ginger Snaps.

On the bright side, “they” say to eat some sweets at breakfast because it makes you feel satisfied longer; I think they meant to eat something before the sweets. I skipped that part. Maybe a banana will help.

Is there a nutritionist around in this group? Do you think I should join Weight Watchers on line…I doubt I would keep up. I just need some good old-fashioned motivation.

Weight: 159.4

I am going to keep a journal and fill in the rest of the day. I just know I will do this. I have to help my knees before they decide to give up on me.

From one kneecap to the other…get your fat hinny off the chair and do something.

Update tomorrow. Oh, I forgot another photo….photo 1and, just for fun…

what bleach can do
what bleach can do

9 thoughts on “Fat “no hair” Grannie is back

  1. this post reinforces my resolve to lose more weight…I gave up cigarettes in1980 and never looked back…but as you age, food is another issue…I am losing one micro#lb at a time…Linda you CAN do it…it is the resolve and determination once you set your mind to it… if a little self deprecation helps > go for it!

    you are an honest lady … such an interesting blog post ♥


  2. Thanks, Bonnie. I am going to try to keep this journal up. Please do not feel you have to read any of it! Appreciate your encouragement. Living Alone it becomes hard to stay motivated without picking on myself; that is my brother’s job, but alas they are both gone.


  3. Hurray for Linda! Keep it light . . . one day at at time. I’ve gained weight being on this prednisone for a muscle disease for over a year. Keep trying to lose it but it is still under the control of the meds. However, I do manage to lose one or two pounds one day then gain it back the next! Aha! That means it’s fluids! They’re whimpy. So focus on the long run. Real weight…and make it a life-style. I’m with you, girl! Prayers and hugs. 🙂 and a smile always!


  4. Boy, Miss Linda, you don’t make a very good salesperson…telling people not to read your blog. 😉 When you right off the cuff like this from whatever you feel, I find it fun. Not that losing weight is fun, but I certainly can relate. I’m sure a lot of people can. In August I went on a 30 day sugar detox. I wrote about it on my blog. I was able to stick to it, but it made me sick because I went cold turkey. It was close to being dangerous (had heart palpitations). I shouldn’t have done it on my own without a nutritionist. I only lost 5 pounds, but I did lose inches and felt lighter. Unfortunately, my trip back home with all kinds of foods got me back on sugar again. Didn’t mean to make this about me, but I sure do enjoy when you’re just being Linda. 🙂


  5. Well, I am well known for always speaking my mind! I do not think I could go cold turkey on sugar…it truly is my downfall. I can go without bread and not even miss it, however, sugar is another thing altogether. Thank you for reading. I am about to count up the rest of the day!


  6. As we age weight reduction becomes more and a lot more of an issue Muscle atrophy plays a large part in why it is so difficult to shed pounds as we age simply because as we lose more and more muscle our metabolism slows.


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