Fat Grannie

Anybody hold their breath waiting for the sequel from this morning?

10 a.m. : Tired from all the stripping of sheets and walking all the way back to the utility room located behind the kitchen to wash same, I ate the banana. All that exercise had really made me tired. I had already washed the blankets and odds and ends I used to cover my tomato plants because we had a hard freeze.

Then I gather together all the Disney toys to photograph…wow, I did not know we had so many. My nephew worked as a manager of a Disney store for years, therefore, I have years of Disney toys. I use my iPad to take photo these days even though they are not good, it is a record of things that happen….good enough for me.

I think I took 150 individual photos before realizing that there were 339 million plus Disney toys on Ebay so I doubt I will get squat for these toys with tags still attached.

Time to eat lunch:

cooking lunchWell, you cannot see that I am frying an egg and organic deli turkey in safflower oil…but here is the result…

LunchAs you can see, I had a fried egg, turkey and some of my home-grown tomatoes (saved from the frost) and a tad of coffee. When the thin bagel popped up, I had one half of a thin bagel with a tad of butter and one half tsp of jelly. There are 6 tomatoes.

Wonder what the calorie count is on that lunch?

Back to making photos and posting to Craig’s list after looking prices up on ebay…what a chore…so boring I ate 10 candy corn candy…ugh…I eat all the time.

2:30: after bringing in the blue recycling bin and taking out the green trash bin, I knew I needed more nutrition so I had a Boost with 240 calories. Back to the photos and listing.

Another break at 3:30 and ate 2 Bread and Butter pickle chips….6 makes a serving so I do not have a clue what this calorie count would be.

Back to the mailbox…see I am getting lots of exercise :)…and bringing my clothes and sheets back to the bedroom and putting them all away….must be time to cook for dinner. I eat at 4 and continue that meal until 6.

So I made vegetable spaghetti with wheat pasta (not good to eat wheat), the other half of the thin bagel with a tad of butter and a little sprinkling of garlic salt.  Parmesan cheese topped it all off…no photo.

Dumb, dumb, dumb…forgot to drink any water today much less 8 glasses.

Neighbor came over while I was washing the pots and pans after dinner; finished the chore; she ate some tomatoes and I washed an apple to savor as we watched the news. Good for regularity. Then still not feeling full I ate 5 more ginger snaps and a bit of sherbet ice cream.

Finally, I feel full….but look at all the calories….no exercise; no water…no wonder I am fat. I can only go up from this day of eating constantly.

What a boring day, however, I am thankful that I had food to eat and a nice home to wash, dry clothes and a place to sleep.

Fun photo….Oatmeal bitesMy oatmeal bites, no bakeThey are really good. Made with oatmeal, ground flax, honey, vanilla and whatever dried fruit. I add the powdered sugar to make them pretty and me fatter! I even added a fake red leaf…fell off the garland I have on the mantel for Halloween.

If you read this, bless you!




10 thoughts on “Fat Grannie

  1. Giggle, I love your touch of humor in there. I have a suggestion for the wheat pasta. I have a list of foods from my sugar detox, and some are pretty good. Try the brand Barilla Plus. It comes in a yellow box. They are whole wheat and I can’t taste the difference from regular pasta. I did find that I have to cook them a little longer than regular in order to get the texture I like, but other than that, they’re good and I use them all the time now. Another great snack suggestion that’s yummy and can fill you up … apple chips. If you find the dried apples with the cinnamon on them, those are the best. Good luck miss funny pants. 🙂


  2. Ahhhh, I get it now. You’re doing a weight-loss challenge. Good for you! Writing it all down has often helped me. I’ve been trying to be very mindful of eating in the last few weeks, in order to insure fitting into my shorts in Florida.


    1. Yes, once again, I am going to lose weight; not for me; for my knees. They are separate from me…
      This time I am determined. Spent a whole day (Thursday) without turning on iPad, laptop or TV to think it all through. Read two books, however.


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