Linda Bourgeois

History and Philosophy of Higher Education

Annotated Article on Urban Higher Education

#3: 213 words


Schneider, C. G. (2003) Preparing Students for What? School College Alignment in an Era of Greater Expectations. peerReview. 13-16.

The author, president, Association of American Colleges and Universities, presents the misalignment of Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school with the redesign of first year courses in colleges because they expect non-prepared entering students. Standardized testing does not include whether a student can think innovatively, has curiosity, or how they learn. The author states that a clear and shared focus on knowledge, skills, and responsibilities will be needed by Americans to understand the continuing complexity of the world. AAC&U developed a framework for liberal education: Greater Expectations: A New Vision for Learning as a Nation Goes to College. According to Greater Expectations, four categories of cross-cutting learning will characterize a well-educated person: 1) a solid knowledge of physical and social disciplines, 2) strong analytical, communication, and practical skills, 3) a framework of ethical, civic and social responsibilities, and 4) integrative capacities for continuous learning. Outcomes from these categories provides a point of departure to answer two questions: 1) What do students need to be well prepared for college, and 2) what should they then achieve to be well prepared for the world. It is through “purposeful pathways”, toward important outcomes, that both school and college faculty will need to collaborate with each other to create more powerful educational experiences for all students.


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