Rant on Main Stream Media

It is impossible to find an unbiased news station….even PBS is biased. They seemed to be afraid to say anything against the current President or Congress. They feed false messages to the American People. If you think you are free from the government listening to your every conversation; charting your every move; then, in my opinion, you are living in the land of OZ.

ABC leads my list. It is a toss-up for second, third, fourth, etc. I choose to listen only to learn that my blood pressure spikes and I find myself spouting unholy messages to the TV screen.

This is an ongoing rant for me!


13 thoughts on “Rant on Main Stream Media

  1. You absolutely know I’m with you sister. I hold in my worries, fears and helplessness about what’s going on in this country. I’ve done some small things locally, but it all seems too big and on a spiral that cannot be stopped. All I can do I brace myself for the fall. I get my news from the internet and the radio. I don’t watch TV news or read newspapers. They are not trustworthy, IMO.


    • Absolutely. Wonder who will fiddle as America burns….I’m sure Diane Sawyer will have that snarky, smirky, smile still plastered on her face as she reports that unfortunately she is having to report from Rome because America is burning.


  2. Does anyone play the fiddle around here?! You have nosed out the culprits, Linda. Man, what a stench! I’m surprised we’ve lasted this long. Anyway . . . does anyone play the fiddle? 🙂


  3. While American interest in the region isn’t motivated by the pursuit of fossil fuels alone, the historically complicated U.S. relationships with Iran, Iraq, and the Gulf states have often revolved around oil — specifically, ensuring an adequate supply at a reasonable cost.


  4. The delegates debated the method of election until early September 1787, less than two weeks before the convention ended. Finally, the Committee on Unfinished Parts, chaired by David Brearley of New Jersey, put forward a cumbersome proposal—the electoral college —that overcame all objections. The system allowed state legislatures—or the voting public if the legislatures so decided—to choose electors equal in number to the states’ representatives and senators combined; the electors would vote for two candidates, one of whom had to be a resident of another state. Whoever received a majority of the votes would be elected president, the runner-up vice president . If no one won a majority, the choice would be made by the House of Representatives , each state delegation casting one vote. The president would serve a four-year term and be eligible for continual reelection (by the Twenty-second Amendment , adopted in 1951, the president was limited to a maximum of two terms).


  5. Who was your favorite 20th-century American president? Was it FDR? Kennedy? Reagan? Or one of the other 14 men who helped usher the United Sates through the 1900s? Who do you think was the most influential?


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