Planet Earth

Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet
Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have read many words on many blogs.


I understood the words in some far off distance way. They were not enough, no matter how good they were.

I read many post on Facebook. There are many interesting posts but many are:

I am going here; I like this or that: here are great places to go and buy such and such

I did not understand the need to tell the world these things. Is there a vacuum out there somewhere that has to be filled?

I did not listen to the news much. Are we really hearing the truth and what is truth?

I watched a video that made the difference. It was posted by a friend on Facebook :). Astronauts talking about the view of earth from space. After the almost 20 minute video, I knew then it was o.k. to be lost. Being lost without words means to me that I am certain that I will never have the words to explain how it feels to be lost; to be uncertain. I will never know the answer to all those things that are in this world.

The earth is such a fragile planet when viewed from space (are even looking at the photos from space). As Jeff Hoffman said and I paraphrase:

Perhaps men went to the moon to have a view of earth and all it’s beauty. It is awesome.

As I thought about this I could not think of any other word other than awesome to describe this beautiful fragile planet among so many other planets. Our home, Earth.

No matter where I go, I am home on this planet, my planet. Belonging in a certain place on this planet is another conundrum that I may never solve. One cannot be in several places at once, therefore, I seem to be forever longing to be someplace other than where I am.

Maybe I should be here….no, I am needed there, no here…oh, it is best to just stay put until the answer comes.

The Universe does talk back in many ways; slaps you down and tells you to get up. Smiles as the thorn pricks you in the arm from the gorgeous rose; and laughs when you question her about the procedure called learning.

As I sat in the silence of no words many astounding revelations happened. Babies were born; people died; it rained; it flooded; it snowed; the snow melted; and the Earth kept on spinning, spinning not needing to pause in her spinning exercise. That was a good thing else we would have all stopped as well.

If everyone on this earth would take just a few moments, just a few, to think about how fragile this planet Earth is that we live on, would we not then see that we must all live as one people, one planet. Where do we go if not here? If we blow each other up, where do we go? and what do we gain?

See, I am still lost with no answers and words are never enough.

8 thoughts on “Planet Earth

  1. I loved what you wrote Linda. It is so true. I add with the following if you will let me intrude on your thoughts.

    Consistency, that is the gift mother Earth gives us. Many people view consistency as being boring or unproductive.
    We have all been told for years that living in the status quo is somehow nearsighted — but I find comfort there. A place to stand. A place to sit. A place to feel alive. A place to pray. A place to think about the Earth around me and frolic in its consistent beauty.


  2. Sometimes words are not enough, but sometimes words are all we have. Life is a journey, and it is our mission to make sense of it. Words are what we have as tools, but we must also use our mind, heart, and soul to do it. Peace.


    1. Thank you for your words. I leave making sense of the journey to others who have that as their mission. I live in my uncertain stage of “not knowing” and find comfort there knowing that I may never know “what it was all about”.


  3. Words never are enough. They are merely the frosting. You’ve described what exists beneath the words, or at least playing hide-n-seek among them.


    1. Frosting…is frosting the best part of the cake? Do we eat it first or last and what does that say about the consumer? It is an interesting thought,Kathy. If I have come close to describing what exists beneath the words, between the space of earth and other planets, then I would feel that perhaps My searching has not been in vain.


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