And Now the Time is Here


The opening lines from one of my favorite songs.

My grandson is almost through basic training. He made it. He did it his way. (the young man on the right)

He graduates on March 21 and ships directly out to AZ for AIT , studying Human Intelligence.

We will see him on Family Day; Graduation Day and then he is off again, to start the life he chose.

Did I help him get there? Was I too tough on him? Was I a “real” grandmother?

That question I can answer. I was not the typical grandmother. I did not bake cookies. We went out to eat so he could have a decent meal of steak. Each month he chose where he would like to go.

Did we talk? No, not much.

Did he know me? I would say he did not, nor I him. I have covered this ground before and do not wish to revisit. The time was then; the opportunity was there. It is over and what is, is.

All I can do now is to wish him well and let him go. His clothes hang in the closet here;

his XBox;

his diploma…

I add these things to my children’s things stored here and there in little cubby holes, waiting to be taken out and looked at again another day.

The Bits and Pieces of Life.

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