Ode to love

it is not my accomplishments that matter

it is the places i have been

it is the things  i have seen

it is my presence

as a citizen

of the world


it is the times

i have lived through

it is the people

i have loved

and lost


this is,

in the end,

what matters

19 thoughts on “Ode to love

    • I wonder why that is…thank you to alerting me to this. When I get this at some other blogs, I click on “continue” I think and then it comes up.
      I’ll check into the matter. Again, thanks for the heads up.


  1. I’ve been running into a similar problem here–I click on “you” and it says some stupid message about the post not being there/here/wherever… So, glad there was a post to read today–Happy V-Day!


    • Yesterday we had sun and I felt better and today we have sun at the moment and I feel better than yesterday….colds come and stay about 7 days with the first 3 or 4 being the worst, I think.
      Thank you for your concern.


  2. very poignant … loved this little poem.

    With regards to the above comments, about post missing et cetera … COULD it be that you’ve posted something, and then changed your mind and removed it?! In that case … when the other person sees the post in the reader, it will render something like ‘nothing here to see’ or whatever..


    • Thank you, Rebekah. Had not thought of your solution to the problem because, sometimes I do publish a post and then trash it almost immediately but it was published, therefore, would show up.

      Thanks for the heads up on that. I should at least read what I wrote and not publish until I am sure 🙂


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