Five Sentence Story

Midnight I awoke with a voice stating, “you must get out” and not knowing what this message meant, I wandered to the kitchen to ponder the meaning, having received so many of these messages in the past  and knowing that something would happen within the family somewhere.

Morning news report from daughter and family in Boston digging out from 24 inches of snow but power on and warm as well as daughter-in law calling in afternoon from CA stating they had heard from son in the army and his platoon had come in first in something therefore giving him  a free thirty minute break to call home.

Sister calling in to report that they had arrived home from Winona and the Coon Hunters Meeting, stopping to have lunch with her sister-in-law, the one who has already lost two children in unspeakable tragedies.

Her eldest son, along with his two sons, were coming to have lunch with my sister and her husband but were not present.

He had hydroplaned and lost control striking a tree and totaling the vehicle  on his way, but fortunately all seat belts were buckled and there were no injuries…they “got out” and a terrible tragedy was averted.

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