That is behind me forever

A Waffle House located in Hagerstown, Maryland.
A Waffle House located in Hagerstown, Maryland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I left you at 4:30 p.m. yesterday. Everything was ready and I prepared my first 5 ounces of the pre-op. I thought I was drinking an orange drink.


Two or three 8 oz cups of water later, I visited with my bathroom with book in hand. Not much happened so I just got in bed and started reading.


About an hour later, I called my next door neighbor’s daughter, who is an RN, and said: “Nothing happening here”. Is this stuff going to work?


She said: “That is what my husband asked me…just wait…you will be up most of the night.” I thanked her and continued to read….then a little cramping and a fast retreat back to the bathroom where I stayed for a while. Who knew you had this much stuff inside of your body!


Well, that was gross. Back to bed to read and about 30 minutes later a repeat and I found that everything had turned to clear and I thought: “Should I take the second packet?” I had drank about 7, 8 oz cups of water by this time.


Ten o’clock came and I went to the kitchen and mixed the second packet. Did not taste as well as the first time but down it went followed by lemon jello and a butterscotch to get the taste out plus I had 3 more 8 oz cups of water to drink.


All was well until about 11 o’clock and from there on in it was touch and go….would I make it to the bathroom in time? Should I renovate so that there is room for a bed in the bathroom for future unforeseen procedures? What color would be better than this coral color…to much the color of what was now leaving down the toilet…so painting is now in order! Maybe a bright white!


Finally, about 4 a.m. I went to sleep and slept until 5:30. Got up and took a shower; dressed; noted the rain coming down.


My friend arrived and off we went the 5 miles to the hospital. Checked in; went to the bathroom; waited; went to the bathroom; waited some more; back to the bathroom….would this ever end?


Funny thing happened. When they took me back, the bathroom running ran somewhere else. I had a lovely blue gown; got to keep my socks on so I was glad I wore my white socks with pink carnations on them that said “Good Luck”.


The nurse was delightful; the RN manager came to put the IV in since I have baby veins that roll and they have to use a baby needle. She was very good and that was over, once I shut up and let her do her job.


All the usual questions; the young nurse did not quite know what to do when she asked me: “any skin problems?” and I answered: “Yes, wrinkles.”


My friend, the doctor came in; what happened to green scrubs? he had on yellow but he looked good with his white/gray beard. Then the anesthesiologist came to ask me the same questions. He grew up in Scotland and knew how to pronounce my name. He was the only one except my doctor.


All ready, my friend, Kathy, and I followed the blue strip on the walls (follow the yellow brick road) and arrived at the surgical unit. She left me there and they took me in…put me on a table….but I saw a really neat robot on my way into the surgical suite. I asked if they were going to use the robot but no, the doctor would be doing the procedure.


After the anesthetic was given, I was out for about 30 minutes, I think. Anyhow, when I woke up at about 8:45 the doctor came and gave me the good news. We talked about his winter garden; I ate 4 crackers and drank some ginger ale.


There was something in the outpatient unit that gave Kathy and I a runny nose. It still is running. The nurse said it probably was a cleaner. The nose running is the problem now.


Kathy and I left and went to the Waffle house for waffles and coffee and then home. I thanked her; she left and I went to bed and slept until about 4 p.m. (actually this photo looks like the one near my house)


Then I opened my computer and was amazed with all your concerns. Thank you. I feel as it you were all there with me and that gave me a warm feeling (along with my hot tea, honey, lemon and Jack Daniels :)! No seriously, thank you for your concerns and prayers.


I wrote all this for those of you like me. I was terrified to have a colonoscopy so this was my first and will be the only one I will ever have to have since I am 75 and the next one would not be due until I am 85 and I probably will be one with the Universe by then…not an unhappy thought!


It is what it is….go and have one…you will be glad you did (when it is all over).


P.S. The nurse asked me what kind of colonoscopy I was having and I said “elective” and she said “who has an elective colonoscopy?” That would be me, I told her!


Thank you again.


22 thoughts on “That is behind me forever

  1. I thought about you too, today!
    So … you didn’t have it because they suspected anything?! Good thing they put you under at least. Must have been good with waffles afterwards πŸ˜€


    1. No, I did not even expect anything was wrong. It was elective and routine to rule out anything being wrong. My doctor kept nagging me to have one as a preventative measure so I finally did and I am glad it is over and done and he will be quiet about having one.
      The waffles were the best ever. I was in at 6:30 and eating waffles at 9 a.m. How is that for quick work πŸ™‚


      1. That’s good! Once, I was supposed to be fasting for some bloodwork. Didn’t get an appointment until 2PM that day, so I’d been fasting since 8PM the night before. Afterwards, I went straight to A&W and had a Chubby Chicken with fries and a Coke. A meal, I’ll never forget! It was the best! πŸ˜€


  2. Gee, and I was worried you’d give us TMI. Hee, hee. So glad it’s over and you’re doing well. You said you don’t laugh much in one of your blogs, but you made me a giggle as you joked with the medical staff.

    I had to prep like that for a hysterectomy 2 years ago. It was miserable, and my body doesn’t take anesthesia well. I can’t have your procedure done until we are secure in a new health insurance once my husband changes jobs. Sigh.
    Anyway, what a relief for you. God Bless.


    1. I laughed. I could have given you TMI but I decided it probably was not a good thing to do on a blog! I find joking with the medical staff makes things easier for them as well as me…besides I also have a very dry weird sense of humor. My friend Kathy and her partner, Dan, state I have to move with them since I keep them laughing all the time. I never even realize that this is happening…it just sort of comes out.
      Have not had a hysterectomy and probably never will now. I think all that must be dried up by now πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Your husband will be getting that new job soon and you can write us all about your procedure! and yes, I am relieved.


  3. Glad everything went well for you. They had the hardest time finding a vein (which is hard enough under the best circumstances). And definitely ready for food once it’s all over!


  4. Sooo glad that it’s over for you. It’s the prep that does one in. I’m due for another colonoscopy this year. Yuuuk! It’s drinking the thick, chalk-like liquid that I hate.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


  5. Good for you for documenting for the rest of us … from what I know, the prep is the worst part. You kept your sense of humor and didn’t get cranky? What a great patient πŸ™‚

    You can check that off your list!!



  6. Been thinking about you this afternoon and finally got to the computer to email and see how you were doing after the procedure. Looks like everything went well! Thank goodness…and it was fun to see that you still had your sense of humor throughout it all.


    1. Thanks, Kathy…my best friend here in Huntsville is Kathy and she and I laughed our way through a lot of the time in the Hospital…and the doc is a personal friend so it was rather an o.k. thing to do. Hope you caught the play on words in the title…I thought it was appropriate…and thank you for caring that everything went well. It is always easier to laugh when everything is “all clear” πŸ™‚


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