The Yankees are coming; the Yankees are coming

Frosty Footpath - winter snow
Frosty Footpath – winter snow (Photo credit: blmiers2)

The front lines threw up

a blanket of white stuff

maybe it is snow

but more than


those Yankees are

at it again

where is my rifle?

hide the silver

hide the girls

sit quietly ma

we will be

ready for

the attack…

the Yankees sent


16 thoughts on “The Yankees are coming; the Yankees are coming

    1. Big cotton ball flakes in the beginning and then my roof was white and part of my yard. It changed to freezing rain….no weather report had called for snow! It had to be those Yankees who sent their snow down here!


  1. 6″ yesterday and still falling … yesterday’s snow was Christmas snow – big, fluffy, swirly-twirly flakes that fluffed like feathers when you stepped in it .. easy to shovel πŸ™‚ Today’s is wet, like rain, and … icy.

    That photo reminds me of a scene from the movie, “Cold Mountain.” Ever seen it?



    1. Yes, I have seen the movie. Our snow was the big, fluffy flakes short lived and then the sleet and rain. There were a couple of bad accidents. The photo was from the photo gallery provided by WP. Huntsville has not looked like that for a long time.
      Hope you see the sun soon.:)


    1. You just never know when to expect those Yankees to come back and try to claim victory all over again when everyone down here knows we won!
      Gotta keep vigilant πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your nice comment.


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