Three Quarters of a Century

I am always glad when January is over. Three of us were born in January and it seemed like such a long cold month when I was a child and even now it seems cold and damp and dreary even when the sun shines.


Pondering the blogs I read and those who read mine, it became pretty clear that no one is in my age category. Not that that in and of itself matters, because young people keep you young, but it would be nice if I knew how to find those in my age bracket to read what they are writing.


Would it make me sad or glad; are they doing more or less; what are they doing with their life each and every day? Sometimes I call this young neighbor of mine to ask her what she is doing. I do this to see what others are doing on a day when it seems I have nothing to do. I could go ride around and make photos but I’m not very good with photos except to record a moment in time. I follow this blog of a guy riding around on a bicycle making photos and writing maybe a sentence. He has a lot of followers; his photos seem to record a moment on his ride. People seem to like that. I sometimes wonder what people really like.


I try to rid my home of the Bits and Pieces; I wrote my funeral arrangements; I placed it with my will. Is this enough? or do I need to give this to my attorney as well.


Should I sell the house? and then the followup is: Where would I go? I have one child in CA and one in MA…a long way apart and where do I fit in their lives of mindful living. Working at that job from 9 to 5?


Days are numbered no matter the age but when you have lived three-quarters of a century you know your days are numbered. Will I get through all my projects? Will I get that Shoulder Pad quilt made? the rug finished; the scrapbook brought up to date; all the photos labeled…will I get through? and if I don’t does it really matter?


English: The official logo.
English: The official logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Maybe I should go back to bed and get up again; maybe then I could review better the three-quarters of a century I have lived. Maybe I will not blog anymore; Maybe I will clean the internet of my name; maybe I will just go and get some chicken from McDonald’s and watch what other people are doing on this very cold day.






18 thoughts on “Three Quarters of a Century

  1. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t need to be in anyone’s age bracket if you ‘click’ with them. I know my blog spoke of age, but it was just supposed to be a humorous little clip about realizing how rock music isn’t for the youth of today. I thought it would always be for the young. The stuff they listen to today, I don’t even recognize. Perhaps my parents thought the same of my music back in the day. And, when I say “young,” I’m talking teenager through college (ages 20-24). I’m more than double those ages. Perhaps I could ‘click’ with someone of those ages, but the way society has taught that generation, I find it unlikely (but not impossible). I ‘click’ more with my generation and yours.


  2. It would be lovely if you could find blogs written by people in your age range. There have to be many of them on line–too bad you couldn’t google via age. Have you tried to type in “Blogs by 70 year olds”? It might be interesting to see what comes up.


  3. It’s trite, I know–but we’re as young as we feel. Most days I’m a “middle aged” 60, I guess–I usually feel quite young at heart, but my body has “very old” days…some days.


  4. When the Internet Β«startedΒ» [I came online late 1996], it always felt like I was so OLD compared to all the kids … and I was, in comparison. Since then that has changed. There are many people my own age [57], but I never think about that. Online, there are totally different things that make you ‘click’. I have a woman commenting on my blog, I know absolutely NOTHING about her except her name … she doesn’t have a blog, but I really like her! πŸ™‚

    Apart from the online life … I know you’re older than I, but what does that matter?! My husband is 77. Life is finite, that’s one thing we can be sure of… it’s a huge subject. Hope you went to McDonald’s πŸ™‚


    1. You always seem to know what to say to me. I know age does not matter. Today I just got to thinking and the blog showed how my works at times unvarnished, raw and real. I knew Gerry was older but you’ll seem such a perfect match.

      I went to McDonald’s and to see my next door neighbor who now is in Assisted Living….long story. I miss her.

      I ate 10 chicken nuggets. I only usually eat 4 but the traffic light was out on Airport Road and Whitesburg and traffic was at a dead stop until the police got there to direct traffic so I sat and ate Chicken nuggets πŸ™‚ Forgot all about my age.


      1. There ya go! πŸ˜†
        McDonald’s is almost next door neighbour here. Would be devastating if I was living alone! And if I walk a little bit in the different direction, we have both SubWay, PizzaDelight and KFC.

        Sometimes I look myself in the mirror, thinking … ‘I’m actually 57, I should somehow act my age!’ But I don’t know how to do that… the mind doesn’t change … I’m still me?!


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