Five Sentence Fiction

As I entered the shop, the bell tinkled delicately to announce my arrival to the tiny old lady seated by the heater in the back of her old shop.

She wore purple.

The shop was filled with “this and that” and one could browse for hours on end looking for just the right gift for a dear friend and yes, for one not a friend as well.

Today she was quieter than usual not offering her helpful hints or trying to discover for whom you were shopping preferring to sit by her heater nodding off occasionally as I shopped for that perfect valentine gift for a friend.

Tapping lightly on her bent shoulders, i handed her the “perfect gift for an old friend” for it was her for whom I shopped.


22 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Oh Linda–I LOVE this!!! I think I might have to try one of these–wish me luck, you know how hard it is for me to be concise!


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