Small Stone #16


“Readers will find devotionals, poetry, humor, recipes and lots of blogging, all under the heading of women’s interests.”

Looking into

Women’s Window

one finds





in the life

she lives

6 thoughts on “Small Stone #16

  1. I’m going to resist the wrist slapping, as I was reading so many blogs I got completely overwhelmed and nearly quit the neighborhood. There are just SO Many good ones–but only 24 hours in a day; and I don’t want to go around just “liking” everything–I prefer to be a little more present on the blogs I do visit/follow. Sincerely, Caddo


    1. I follow a lot of blogs and read a few….probably the six here and a few more who comment. I, too, try to make meaningful comments because I do read the blogs I visit, however, sometimes words are not really there to say what needs to be said. No wrist slapping needed. There are only so many hours and we do have to choose at times. I know there are so many great blogs but then, I have chosen and am happy with my choices.


  2. Will go and read.

    I felt like Caddo Veil for a while. I’d signed up for too many, and I felt like just because I’d clicked «Follow», I had to actually read all of them all the time! It became like a job. I’ve cut back to a more manageable level now and all is fine 🙂


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