Share Your World: Week 3

Is your hair short (total neck and ear showing), medium (covering ears and neck), long (below shoulders), or extra long (at least halfway down your back)?

Short.  I go to a barber shop at the medical mall. Get your blood drawn and your hair cut! I am not a hair person. I have two strands…one on either side of my head….and one for a bang in front. So, I gave up long ago trying to look semi-o.k in the hair department.

What is your favorite color of hair?  You can name your hair color or a color that you just like.

If you have lots of hair, be happy; if your hair is fine, be happy; if you are bald, be happy. Hair does not a person make and if it does then there are some pretty shallow folk out there.

Color…accept what you were given and leave it alone. All you are doing is adding money to someone’s pocket. Mine was red and then blonde and now nondescript. I am told it is a pretty color…do I believe that, nah! Am I cynical. Mostly if one is talking about my appearance.

Which bad habits, if any, drive you crazy?

Butt cracks showing like I want to see their behind; manners that do not meet my expectations (perhaps it meet theirs); a dirty house that smells like pet urine and cigarettes….and many more. I live alone and like to breathe clean air as best I can and do not like sharing my space except for short visit.

What are some of your favorite type of proteins to eat? (meat, eggs, soy, cheese, nuts)

For breakfast I have peanut butter on toast with coffee; for lunch I have soup; for snacks I have fruit; and I eat dinner at 4 and usually it is something like pizza or a toasted cheese sandwich. I like ginger snaps. Do not eat meat but do eat some chicken but mostly salmon and tuna.

This is the best I can do with these questions.


11 thoughts on “Share Your World: Week 3

  1. I’ve never been even remotely tempted to dye my hair. I don’t want to go against nature. IF, however, I’d ever wanted a different colour, it would be that colour the Irish Setter-dog has.. don’t know the name of it. There’s a judge on TV [judge Marylin] and she has that colour. But then again … I would like to have her personality to go with it LOL Won’t happen!

    Raw, ground beef. I know, I know …it will give me all kinds of diseases, but I’ve eaten it since I was a kid — still no tape worm or whatever..


    1. Amazing that you can eat raw ground beef. I see blood coming from a steak across the table from me and I get sick; put up a barrier (menu) between our plates :).
      However, if you have been eating this for all your life, it must agree with you. I just don’t like meat; it is a choice thing with me; others…My grandson ate meat every night. Sometimes it even smelled good!


  2. I will sometimes eat a piece of bacon before I remember what I feed the pigs growing up!
    Sometimes, I like chicken, but then I remember how all my pet chickens ended up on the Sunday dinner table for the preacher!
    Ham…I will eat ham…I don’t like turkey…but I do like turkey hotdogs….isn’t that funny?
    Mainly, I don’t eat much meat and not many eggs and I am lactose intolerant (however can tolerate some cheeses) and allergic to chocolate even though I will eat dark chocolate when I have some in the house.
    I am hoping that a seven year interval is coming up and things will change…they say your taste will change (or system) every seven years.


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