Whistling Woman

The Whistling Witch, Poundburry

The Whistling Witch, Poundburry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is an old saying:

“Whistling woman and crowing hen,

Always come to some bad end.”

Leaving the Post Office this morning, I heard whistling; one does not hear whistling very much these days. I cannot remember the last time I heard whistling. I think it was my Dad in the 80’s before he had cancer. But there was this noise and I turned to search from whence it came and to my surprise, it was this woman calmly standing in the self-service line with a package, dressed in all her rain gear which was lavender, and whistling.

Immediately I remembered the old saying as I prepared to leave in my all black rain gear from the Post Office. I wish I could tell you it was a tune or something memorable.

It was a whistling woman. I hope she is careful today in all our torrential rain and flooding.

P. S. I could not find a photo of a whistling woman. I don’t know this building at all.

17 thoughts on “Whistling Woman

  1. Wonder if it was some man that decided he didn’t like a woman’s whistling joy and created that saying and all the other men agreed and pretty soon women didn’t dare whistle in public. I think we should all start whistling just to prove to those darn nay-sayers that women can whistle a happy tune–and every single day–the happiness in the tune–convinces me that I’m not afraid. (Sorry, the mind just burst into a refrain from the King and I.) *grin*


    • You are welcome. I had not thought about it in years until I heard her whistling…and maybe Kathy is right about those men not wanting us to be happy and whistle a tune…maybe they could not carry a tune as well as we could!


  2. I wasn’t familiar with this saying before I read this. Can’t remember when I heard a woman whistling… There’s a man here in the building who always whistles! He lives on the ground floor, he’s often in the laundry room, so I see [hear] him often.


  3. Like you, I rarely hear a whistler and when I do, I immediately think of my Dad. He whistled and hummed in his workshop, puttering here and there. He also sang little songs that he made up. He was the happiest man I’ve ever been around!
    Fun post πŸ™‚ and I sure hope nothing happened to the Lavender Lady!!


    • Thank you, MJ. My Dad whistled as well, however, it was when he did not have any alcohol stashed somewhere so he paced and whistled. I am glad your Dad was a happy man and whistled while he worked (isn’t that line from a song?).
      I hope Lavender Lady was safe yesterday, as well. I rained turned to freezing rain. We are all socked in today.


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