Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Illumination of Iron Sculpture
Illumination of Iron Sculpture

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

  1. I’m going lawsuit on that! Someone made a copy of my MRI, or something. I know that’s the stuff around my inners, ’cause it has no heart..


  2. Am wondering now if everything has the potential to illuminate us if we allow it. How a red red sculpture could illuminate one person’s heart and a butterfly could illuminate another person’s heart. Who knows what might illuminate each person in the next moment?


    1. I would agree with your first sentence…and the last…who knows.
      Posted it for fun because it is so red it illuminates inwardly reflecting back into the metal the redness of the exterior.
      I think I just made that up. I did not have a photo matching this category so I just threw this one in because it was so strikingly different.

      Thank you for commenting.


        1. Thank you for commenting. Sometimes I just write junk and I think people waste their time even looking at it but then that comment in and of itself is a put down to those who paused long enough to make a comment and I don’t mean it that way but sometimes I think I just write nothing and wonder why I did.


          1. Maybe you have no idea what your “junk” comment might mean to another person. Maybe the reason you think it’s junk is that the Universe is using your fingers to address another person. You never know…


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