wrong, wrong, wrong

Hope (Photo credit: baejaar)

Not denim; not silk; sailing gear was the required attire!

Can you imagine that they waited until the very end to tell us?

Well, I just turned off the TV and let them sail away all alone

I am not into sailing and I think they will all drown anyway.

Hope you all stayed home.

So much for falling off the Fiscal Cliff…we sailed over…

Wonder if they had wind sails or if there were a yacht parked outside to take them all to an island where, if we are lucky, they will retire and stay for the rest of their lives. With an arrogant president and a stuck in the sandbox Congress, perhaps sending them off to kindergarten would help them learn to play together.

Could give it a try?

8 thoughts on “wrong, wrong, wrong

  1. Hi,
    I don’t know much about American politics, but of course this subject has been in our papers as well.
    I couldn’t help by wonder why a solution was left till the last minute, why wasn’t this being sorted out straight after the elections, the mind boggles, sounds like politicians are the same the world over.


    1. It seems to be the trend. Politicians may be good and decent people until they hit Washington. They say absolute power corrupts absolutely…we may have a few good politicians on the Hill but they are few and far between. I could not believe that they voted themselves a pay raise when we are falling off the “fiscal cliff”….it got axed but I would wager it makes it back in again somewhere along the line.
      I heard last night on the local news that the best places to be born right now is 1. Switzerland and 2. Australia! We are number 16 with Germany.,


  2. The truth is – their waterproof boots are bigger than our waterproof boots. We didn’t plan ahead and buy a size larger. It’s all our own fault. Some of us didn’t even buy waterproof boots.


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