To those silent viewers

Portrait of William Faulkner
Portrait of William Faulkner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are welcome here. Could you answer a few questions?


That is all right.


What fun…here goes!

Why did you click-through to this blog?

Was it the title?

Do you know someone who knows someone who knows this blog?



Were you disappointed in the content?

Were you expecting awesome photos?

Why do you not speak? or write? or smile?

I would like to know why?

This next year I may post photos. It seems everyone post photos.

A journey through the back roads of my mind:

Growing up, I read anything available. There were no photos. My mind created the way the characters looked; my mind flew through the air to all these unknown exotic places not having a clue how they looked with only the barometer of my sheltered life to build a scene. What fun it was to escape into books and to imagine all that I had the capacity to imagine! I could be the queen or the urchin; and that boy I was interested in could be the knight on the white horse! Clark Gable was mainly the face of the hero rescuer.

In college I read all William Faulkner’s novels and made the mistake of going to the premier of the movie Sound and the Fury. It was dreadful.

Today I read about Tom Cruise (whom I do not care for) playing Jack Reacher. I want Jack Reacher to be the way I imagine him, not Tom Cruise, so I will never see the movie.

This is not to say I do not love all the photographs on all the blogs I read, I do. I only hoped that I could paint a picture with words because my photos are not the best and I know your mind can fill in the details that perhaps my words left out.

Enough of the back roads.

Huntsville, the Rocket City, will be my primary focus except on days I fall back within myself; into back roads and memories.



14 thoughts on “To those silent viewers

  1. And, books are being replaced by e-readers. Sigh. I hear ya, sister. Anyway, I thought I’d tell you how I first found your blog. Through Kathy. Remember the shipping debacle when you thought a terrorist sent you mail? Hee, hee. That was fun, and it was how I found you. Kathy was freshly pressed and I found her first. Then she wrote about shipping you that specific food, I can’t remember, was it bread? So, I clicked over on her link to your blog. So glad I did. 🙂


    1. That was fun! So glad you clicked through to me. I have enjoyed your blog. Kathy has facilitated so many people meeting; perhaps there is a Facilitator Award somewhere for unassuming folk like her.
      Thank you for reading and letting me know how you found me. 🙂


  2. Somebody led me here. Was it Colder Weather aka RJ? No idea.
    To speak honestly…I am sometimes disappointed in my own content but never in that provided by others. It may not be my cuppa but who appointed me grand poobah?
    You should post photos if you like just as I should write more if I feel it. I don’t because I am not a good writer. I could be much better than I am but then my photography would suffer.
    I return because you have an interesting mind and ear. And you are somewhat cantankerous. I like cantankerous.


    1. Oh how I love the honest word and cantankerous I am!

      Yes, I found you through RJ as well and fell in love with your photos of New York. She is another that I find unassuming. She shares her life through words and photos.

      When I wrote this I did not expect anything and I think the answers I have received mean the most of any that I have ever received.

      You write well and your photos are awesome. Seeing NY through your eyes is a different experience. I feel as if I have taken a walk through areas I would never see if not for your photos.

      The steel work and graffiti remind me of West Side Story…a cantankerous affair for me, at best.


  3. Yep, lots of people seem to love photographs very much. I think lots of people aren’t as word oriented as they are visually oriented. However, I like that you write the way you do, if you’re satisfied with how it feels. My statistically oriented mind hath determined that only 10-20% of blog readership ever comments. Usually more like 10% if we’re lucky or if you pretend that every commenter is standing in front of you in your living room and you’re about to pour tea.


    1. Wonder how virtual tea would taste…the Gecko drinks virtual coffee!

      I am happy with my words and when I post a photo it is because I like it as well.

      I was just amazed when I looked at how many people from so many different countries had been here to this little blog and I did not have a clue. I think I look maybe 2 times a year because I am more curious about the countries than the numbers. Strange but that is the way it is with me.

      A soothsayer once told me that I would “lead” people from around the world. Through Team FREDNET, my son has but I do not feel that I have, so I kept waiting to see who I am leading!!


      1. Well, thank you for explaining Team Frednet. Every time I go to read your blog (clicking through the link in your comments) I go to Team Frednet. I KNEW an explanation would present itself! Soothsayers have said strange things about me, too. It’s hard to figure what they meant. I always figure they’re talking about themselves. 🙂


  4. @Kathy, I am pretty sure this was must have been talking about herself, except she was right about the other two things…well two out of three is not bad for a soothsayer!

    Team FREDNET just finished the second CLIN for NASA…awaiting payment. I can identify with your bookkeeping because that is what I do for the Team (although it is not my favorite thing to do).


  5. Fun-filled post and comments 🙂
    I don’t remember HOW I found you the very first time … could it have been via the WP daily post?! …but I certainly do remember the first thing I read LOL.

    ‘Unassuming’, that’s my middle name. I post a lot of photos … I’m just one of all those millions of people that fell in love with photography when it entered the digital era. Sometimes I post photos because I want to blog but don’t know what to say. I like to write, but always have that feeling of inferiority, language-wise. Guess I could just keep a diary, but then again, I wouldn’t get that kick of feedback 😉


    1. You found me through my stream of consciousness blogging, I think. I think you said you liked the format and yes, I remember, you read the WHOLE thing! You were the first meaningful visitor to appear and I was totally amazed that you were there.
      Your writing is far from inferior; I would certainly feel inferior if I had to write in any language except English. I might could write 2 word; you tell stories of your days and it is always a pleasure to ride along with you and Gerry.
      Thank you for stopping over today. You round out the day of best friends here!


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