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Today started off wrong. The house was to hot last night to sleep well and I feel like a wrung out old rag.

Nevertheless, I must decide what I am going to wear going over the fiscal cliff. All night I pondered if it might be a formal affair or a casual affair. Cliffs are usually located outside so I decided that the black evening dress was inappropriate, however, the white ankle length dress I wore to one of my nephews’ wedding might work, however, the matching sandles might be a little cool for this time of year and high heels seem out of the question for this activity. I thought about carrying a purse, but there is no need for a purse. We are all going together and unless there is someway planned to catch us and spread us out when we go over the cliff we shall all be piled up together so need for a purse.

Pills for anxiety? ah yes, I think I shall take the entire bottle. Not knowing the depth I am falling or where the cliff is or how many millions or billions of people will be attending, I best order a refill and take those along with a bottle of water.

Will identity be needed, I wonder. Kinda like voting. What forms of ID will be acceptable? Probably no ID will be needed. We are all just going over the fiscal cliff. It could be like Alice falling into the rabbit hole. Does anyone remember if she took anything with her? I don’t think she did. We are bound to meet many interesting people over this cliff.

I wonder why our leaders are so engrossed with this fiscal cliff? If you pay into Social Security, is it still your money? or retirement? If you worked and made lots of money then is it not your money and why do you have to give it away to someone who did not work? Now I know I am not talking about those who served our country and came back without the ability to work or others which would take to long to identify here, however, able bodied folk should be working and that does not mean making meth or selling drugs, even though I guess one could call that a form of work. Everybody could all pitch in and help clean up our country…the roadways, the undergrowth in forests; the rundown houses…

I shan’t worry about all that. I have to decide what to wear and what to carry. Others are having a great time analyzing all that stuff for me.

If anyone has a map to the fiscal cliff could you send it along and let me know what you are wearing and taking with you? I really want to be prepared.

They do not say whether we are jumping, scaling down or falling off the fiscal cliff…they make it sound like a journey so I could be all wrong about what to wear. “We are going over the fiscal cliff….” Ummmm, what does this really mean?

14 thoughts on “Drat

  1. On the positive side – if it’s happening to you all at least you won’t be on your own.

    On the negative side – it will feel as if you are, on your own, that is.

    Let’s face it. ‘They just don’t have the answer or know where to find it.

    Meanwhile, we just have to take each day as it comes.


    1. How right you are! I am trying to inject a little humor into this not to funny situation. If we have to pay our bills and live within our means, then our country must learn to pay theirs and to live within their means.


  2. Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. I hadn’t thought about what to wear. I don’t have a lot of choices. My wardrobe looks like I’ve already gone over the fiscal cliff. Will we need a suitcase? Cosmetics? Toiletries? There is so much to think about. I’ll take a lipstick at least. Other people feel better when I wear lipstick. I wish I had time for a manicure before we go.

    I read that the fiscal cliff might be just a fiscal bluff. Ever since the media started talking about the fiscal cliff–right after the election, I think–my husband has laughed every time he heard it. He considers the phrase hilarious. I hope the real thing is as funny.

    Do you think they will send us back if we’re dressed inappropriately?


    1. Hi Kathy, No, I think a suitcase will not be necessary (unless it is filled with money). I had not thought about the cosmetics and toiletries…If no one brings any we will all be a smelly pile and I think perhaps the ones closest to the cliff already are smelling badly enough…but lipstick would be fine. I can share my anxiety pills with you, if you get to feeling a little anxious about no cosmetics.

      I think I like your husband! It is so funny to hear all the talking heads speculating. We all know that they can stop all this whenever they choose. The way I look at it, it is better to have these clowns talking about the fiscal cliff than it is to be talking about a school shooting in CT, an unresolved issue, as is Benghazi and Fast and Furious.

      Perhaps they will have different sections to stand in according to how one is dressed; you know, the 47%; the 1% and so forth! We must not mingle with those not dressed as well as we are!


  3. Hey, thanks for reminding me. I guess I’ll just wear what I have on … jeans and a t-shirt, along with those two things that I’ve been told people like me cling to. 😉


  4. Hm, I had thought I would bring a suitcase, but if you think not, I’ll just bring a very large purse. Gotta have my *stuff* with me. I’ll set the alarm for midnight so I can at least be awake before the plunge! EST I assume.


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