How to untangle the web footprints

Tree (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Today was a day filled with frustrating phone calls and screwed up passwords. I decided that I did not trust our government not to read or look into my pitiful finances so I would spend the day deleting online accounts and going back to paper…poor trees.

Last night the trees groaned and tossed and turned as the wind howled for hours. I then decided perhaps I could do with a few less trees because I did not know where to lie down to sleep thinking “if a tree fell into the house as it did once before where would I be the safest?” Not having a good answer it was time to think about whether I should actually plant more trees or cut down the ones I have.

Well, with that thought in mind, today as I was going back to paper I did not worry about the trees. Going backwards to paper is tough. After an entire day of talking with folk, I am worn out.

One lady at one credit card company said quietly: “I don’t trust our government either.”

Another lady did not understand what I wanted to do so I said: “Let us start over. Hello, my name is…and I would like to keep activated the payment I made today; however, delete any automatic debits from my account in the future.” Somehow, that never registered and as I reviewed my email there was a notification of how to reset my password…duh…I just ask them to delete my email from their database and my personal profile.

My mortgage on the house is with Citi. Did you know that Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae bought Citi and they cannot do anything but delete your information from their servers but not Freddie Mac? I pay Citi and I guess they pay Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae….maybe Maxine, I don’t know, but I have to find the email telling me who bought my home from Citi. I am going to refinance so my home is not owned by Freddie Mac. Perhaps it came through the mail and they used a tree. This paragraph makes no sense.

Tomorrow, I will have to go in person to a couple of places to deactivate some things. Then I know where some companies big servers are located and they will do what they can to erase footprints left.

Why? why do I feel that Big Brother is watching? why do I feel I have a tracking device installed within my head without permission? why do “they” want to know what little ole me is thinking or doing?

I doubt “they” do but then I cannot be to sure so I will continue to try to disappear. I have not done anything wrong that I am aware of but what is right and what is wrong definitions may have changed when I was not looking.

So, poor trees…maybe tomorrow I can just do bill pay from my credit union account and save you and still untangle the web footprints I have left merrily along the way.

The steps for untangling:

1. Make a pot of coffee

2. Drink all the coffee

3. Make another pot of coffee

4. Drink all the coffee

When the jitters set in; take a pill; lie down and meditate on ways to save the trees.

5. Sleep

6. Start over

6 thoughts on “How to untangle the web footprints

  1. Wow! I don’t have any of that you write about. Any gvt. is able to check anyone’s email out when they want to. Do you think you’d want to cancel your whole Internet subscription?
    Imagine all the info on Facebook’s servers about that many people! And they don’t have any real good competitor…
    I don’t care about any gvt … what is it they could do to me?!


    1. I knew they could read our emails and I am outspoken…

      Today I learned our government had taken by Eminent domain my friends’ sisters home because she is surrounded by a national park and they can do this. This scares me.

      No, I do not want to cancel my internet subscription because it is the best way to communicate these days. Do I trust that we are not being monitored? No.

      Facebook scares me…realllllly scares me. Twitter sends out my info, I think.

      I am probably just being paranoid today.

      What can a government do? What they did to the Jews?

      I don’t know….


  2. Dang, I did not know that they bought Citi, and that’s who I have my only credit card through. A couple of years ago when I heard that the government own 98% of mortgages, I cleaned out my bank account and paid off our mortgage. We had it through BOA and I know the government helped them out. So, now we have no bills other than utilities and insurance. Except, we charge things only in case of an emergency or when we travel. We had such an emergency when our washing machine broke down a month ago.
    Facebook is connected to my blog and my post links automatically get posted there. I don’t use fb other than for my blog links. I’m signed up for twitter but never use it. I don’t even know how.
    I feel your paranoia down here too, but in this case, it’s my own. πŸ˜‰


    1. I think that they just sold my mortgage…I need to find out after scaring the “bejesus” out of everyone and post a retraction!

      Thanks for reading and pointing out what a few words can do. I had BOA and refinanced because they were bailed out. I wish I could pay off my mortgage!


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