Dolls, dolls, dolls

Mother made dolls later in life, however when I was five, she made her first Raggedy Ann. Daddy was coming home from the Navy. I don’t know who made the little red chair she was sitting in under the cedar Christmas Tree the next morning. I have loved this doll and have moved her from place to place as I moved. Mother is never far away because Raggedy Ann is always near representing the love of a mother for her youngest child. It was a hard winter; and we were poor however, I never knew we were poor. How many children turned grown up have a doll made by their mom 74 years ago?

Merry Christmas from my dolls, made through many years, to you….

Raggedy Ann

Disco Susie with the golden hair

Samantha Jane, who looks after Raggedy Ann


all the others who round out the family….the clown who keeps everyone happy, all send their best to all of you.

They live in the cotton basket made by my father and grandfather!

Mother made all these dolls. My 74 year old doll is the one in the middle with blue eyes.
Mother made all these dolls. My 74-year-old doll is the one in the middle with blue eyes.

9 thoughts on “Dolls, dolls, dolls

  1. Love ’em! Raggedy Ann must be the matriarch here, huh? Can you imagine the things these dolls have heard, seen and felt, and the places they’ve been??? Good time for more tales from the Route 2 lady.


  2. Hi,
    How wonderful that you still have that doll after all these years, I think that is just fantastic. I’m sure your Mum would not of realized when she was making it for you, what it would mean to you and that you would still be treasuring it after all that time.

    I also would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


    1. Thank you for your visit. My mother was pleased that I had loved the Raggedy Ann and kept it with me. When she died she knew I still cared for her, I don’t think, however, that she ever thought that she would be loved as she was for so long; the representation of years past.

      Merry Christmas to you and my next year be all that you could wish.


  3. Linda, I have one that Granny made me, and she is obviously related to yours…they could be twins! I don’t remember the year she gave it to me for Christmas 😦 She watches over me and like yours, she has moved all over the world with me. Merry Christmas Linda! Miss you!


    1. Miss you Wanda. Mother might have made it for Aunt Dee to give to you. So many people in Durant and Sallis and around have dolls that Mother made.

      I am so pleased you have one no matter who made it! and that you love her! Sometimes she is the only person I have to talk with. She has become wise!


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