First McDonald’s Regular

Speeding through the dark; few cars; one eighteen wheeler; one last conversation giving “words of wisdom”…correct exit; many cars behind us; dropped at the curb at exactly 5 a.m…..”American to the left; escalator straight ahead; “You have money for your baggage check and food?”


Moment of awkward….”Merry Christmas” echoed and then the hug…”See you in a couple of weeks.”

Looking out the side window…a small wave…and then the rear view window…headed in the right direction…. so on to the exit back to town. More cars; more trucks. No passenger.

McDonald’s opens at 5 a.m. As I pull into the lot to park, I see this gentleman getting out. I thought I would be the first, however, he was.

The sausages were not done so I trotted off to the bathroom; picking up the McMuffin and Senior coffee I seat myself with back to the wall at a table for one.

I am facing the First Regular Customer.


He is reading his paper and falling asleep and reading his paper and falling asleep. I ask the McDonald’s server if he were there a lot and she verified that he came every day and that he had a “sleeping disorder”. They kept an eye on him.

Even though I was there alone; I felt he was more alone. What a strange feeling to feel that another was more alone than I.Image

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